What fun mobile games are there in October 2022?

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Hello everyone, I’m kiko, who is fighting on the fourth day of the seven-day shift!

It’s time to take stock of new games once a month. In October, the golden season of the game circle, what games are worth downloading and playing with your mobile phone?

Below, follow me to see what new games are available in October 2022 !

(Don’t ask why it took so long to update after the long holiday. If you ask, you just don’t want to scroll. People who like to watch it will naturally be watched, and those who don’t like to watch it…you can take a look at it when you have time!)

——October 2022 new game dividing line——

street battle

Test date: October 9th

A survival roguelike casual action game about humans vs. zombies. The opening is like a cute version of “Train to Busan”. This familiar plot even directly pulled Uncle Ma Dongxi in to make up the number…

In addition to the conventional vertical operation, conventional cartoon images, and conventional skill combination gameplay, there is not much newness in the conventional way. It is a little boring to pass the time and play in-depth. I look forward to seeing more optimizations on the official server.

The eternal dream of rivers and lakes

Test date: October 10

A national style martial arts strategy game, there are ten major sects in the ancient continent, they form the skeleton of this world, and you are the head of the sect at the beginning, all you have to do is to open branches in this huge continent. The scattered leaves flourished and eventually unified the rivers and lakes.

The game has an attractive hand-painted style, but at first glance, the gameplay is quite satisfactory, and you can even find the shadows of many other games in it, which makes it a bit livery to play, but this is also the characteristic of this type of game. , that is, the more time and thought you spend, the more fun you can find in it.

black cat from the sky

Test date: October 11

You can’t tell what type of game it is just by looking at the name and style of painting. Who would have thought that this cute furry cat is actually a real-time ARPG game inside?

In the game, players need to take care of all characters to prevent them from dying in battle. While controlling the character’s movement, release output skills, survive under the alternate attacks of various mechanisms and destroy all enemies to win the battle.

Dragon’s Mirror: Yan

Test date: October 11

A female-oriented ancient-style card elimination mobile game, presented in an elegant Chinese comic style in terms of plot, adhering to the core bead elimination in terms of gameplay, fighting and advancing the main line through endlessly changing elimination chess games… Just, always Where do you feel like you’ve seen it? “Puzzle and Dragons” is that you?

Purcell plan

Test date: October 12

A brand new series of mobile games of Purcell, players will encounter all kinds of familiar elves in this world, and explore a different world of Purcell with them. First of all, it still performs well in the style of painting. Celluloid-style aesthetics + 729 sound workshop + stage play setting combined with trigger-type adventure plot can really attract people to enter the game experience.

It’s just that the developer Taomi Games understands everything. The previous “Moore Manor” was so hopeless in the early stage and how helpless it was when playing it later, but who can’t imagine childhood IP? Besides, the real UI pictures that have been released so far are still good, and the turn-based strategy RPG gameplay is also quite satisfactory, so you can wait and see.

Gemstone Story: Ian’s Stone

On-line time: October 13

It’s new, it’s new, my friends, “Gem Research Story”, it’s new again! This sequel will continue the worldview of the “Gaoyan” series, and carefully create an exquisite and warm small world of the gemstone.

It is still the familiar full-character action feedback, and it still has the vivid Live2D bond development, as well as the strategy turn-based combat + casual healing gameplay as always, and even newly added a fan-level animation theater and the prelude sung by Hanazawa Coriander. … What more bike do you need, just rush!


Test date: October 13

A two-dimensional light rogue card game. Simply put, it is a game that invites you to play cards with live2d beautiful girls. What else do you need to explain? I just want to collect my wife as soon as possible!

Soul Street: Born to be King

Test date: October 13

The latest game adapted from the Chinese IP of the same name, children’s shoes who have followed “Soul Street” must know that this is not the first time that it has been transformed into an IP mobile game, so what are the features of this new game?

In this 3D fighting action game, players will take risks together with many classic and popular characters such as Cao Yanbing, Xia Ling, Fomalhaut, and summon guardian spirits to guard their town of Souls together! According to the feedback from the previous test, the character’s vertical drawing card face is very beautiful, and the explosion rate given by the card pool is also acceptable. It depends on whether the official version can give better benefits.

Great Zhou Dynasty Chronicles

Test date: October 14th

This is a historical strategy-simulation management game based on the timeline from “Wu Wang defeated Zhou” to “Qin Destroys the Six Kingdoms”. Compared with similar works, this game can span hundreds of years, at most dozens of years. The vassal states were established side by side, and the historical features were relatively restored.

At the same time, the diversified behavior patterns of AI in the game can also allow players to truly integrate into this era and promote the change of the era. It can be said to be a relatively conscientious business strategy mobile game.

Lucky numbers for limes and rice grains

On-line time: October 15th

The original name of this game was “Sword and Journey”, but after changing its name three years later, it instantly changed from “can’t remember” to “what kind of game is this, let me take a look”.

Simple and retro cartoon style + simple and bright card duel gameplay is its core. Its predecessor was the meat pigeon game “Endless Road” on Steam (yes, this is the third time it has changed its name). This new version The mobile game has a new interactive interface, more card and character training methods, and it is generally very interesting.

Force Heroes

Test date: October 18

An idle mobile game with the core gameplay of man-car combination confrontation, with a characteristic Q version of European and American style graphics, using a new man-car combination, a vertical version of the stacked formation confrontation battle mode, with hundreds of different technological chariot operators, pickup trucks + Chariot + Fort is also well differentiated from other doomsday games, and many players have given high score expectations.

Extreme Warriors 2

On-line time: October 20

An unparalleled action mobile game with the background of the Three Kingdoms, the game creates an exclusive special skill setting (the kind with cool special effects) based on the historical classic image of each general, and at the same time creates the fantasy plot of famous generals, and players who like the plot flow also You can unlock the Hidden Three Kingdoms World Line here.

1V1, 3V3 arena comrade-in-arms cooperation + 60V60 large-scale siege battle, children’s shoes who like ARPG + mowing brushes should not be missed.

Heart Town

On-line time: October 20

A life simulation business mobile game similar to Dongsen, you can live as you wish in this island town, choose your occupation freely, create your own personalized home, meet various friends, and grow flowers and fish together Watch the sea and watch the sunrise…

Chaoling Kingdom: Origins

Test date: October 20

A casual card placement game that simulates management + combat gameplay, providing a variety of hand-made shapes. Players can choose to fight according to their own preferences and become a powerful king in the fantasy world.

In addition to the combat gameplay, you can also create your own dream home in the game, but rather than playing the game, I am more concerned about whether these cute blind boxes will be made of physical figures? Want to buy want!

non-anonymous commands

Test date: October 20

A two-dimensional card RPG mobile game produced by Station B, with the background of near-future urban legends, tells the story of a world with “spirit eaters” with special abilities, as a person with the ability to enter the spiritual space. Soul Eater, following the instructions of the mysterious boss X, investigates a 50-year-old fire case and sparks more stories.

Let’s just say, rounding up is equal to the two-dimensional X-Men, so you understand? It’s just that the test time is too long. When will it be officially launched?

Tomb Raider Longevity Seal

Test date: October 20

The well-received stand-alone mobile game “Longevity Tribulation” 5 years ago was renamed and launched. The sudden shutdown of the server caused many old players to sigh, but now they are back again. I wonder if they can win another 10% in the big IP of “Tomb Raiders”?

PS. The game has a total of 5 chapters, 3, 4, and 5 are paid chapters. Players can decide whether it is worth buying through the experience of the first two chapters.

Code Name: Partner

Test date: October 26

The hot-blooded anime “One Piece” is a genuine IP-licensed mobile game, super-restored character plot, super-strike hard-core action experience, super-high degree of freedom open partner development, multi-person team large-scale team copy, the main PVE gameplay…

But it always feels like I’ve seen another one before? No matter, manga game or something, people who like this IP will always give it a shot.

Voyage Diary 2

On-line time: October 27

An oriental knight sailing adventure game, just looking at the name and screenshots, you may think that this is just a skin-changing game of “The Age of Voyage” with oriental elements. More than that.

The development team not only inherits the advantages of the previous game’s high degree of freedom, top trade runners, rich properties and systems, etc., but also redesigned the framework of the entire game. It is more free and convenient to form a team to brush the book and do tasks, plus the upgrade of the sequel. Screen, players who like sailing management must not miss it.

magic throne

On-line time: October 27

A pixel semi-idle RPG mobile game for adventure in another world. As the legendary son of magic, all you have to do is to repair the destroyed towns in the game, gather brave warriors scattered all over the world, team up to adventure in another world, and defeat the Evil dragons and demons, win!

The retro pixel style is very good, and it will also make me miss the days of playing “Inodia”. It’s just this introduction and the feedback after the test a while ago. It always feels like it’s too conventional. Let’s wait and see.

word by word

Test date: October 28

A word puzzle game, the gameplay is a bit similar to the “Word Game” that has been popularized by Steam, and it is also an excellent language review tool, especially for adults who are used to typing, it is really good to learn Chinese characters well. Needed.

Yin and Yang Realm

Test date: October 28

A classic Chinese-style ghost-themed card mobile game, the game collects various well-known classic ghost-themed content, aiming to restore the Chinese horror concept, the balance of the yin and yang world will be broken by you.

Water Town Youth Record

On-line time: October 29

An ancient-themed business simulation game, you will be able to build your own happy life in a water town like a paradise. Just, a glance is indeed a bit like “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, but the ancient buildings in my country are similar, and it is also good to have a meal replacement in the gameplay, it depends on the performance of the official launch.

——I am the dividing line that has been introduced——

In addition to the above-mentioned new mobile games that are or are about to be tested/launched, the old mobile game market, where every second counts, is also constantly innovating.

“Defend Radish 4” new season Pantao Conference, “Heaven and Earth Tribulation: The Return of the City” has updated new characters “Extraordinary ice-type knight Shenque Qingyi, all-round Thunder-type Tiewei Zhenyin”, the super hero of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” New gameplay in biochemical mode, the second “Wonderful Confidant” of the special event for the 3rd anniversary of the update of Horcrux Academy , a new expansion pack for “Love of Light and Night” , the opening of the second-stage card pool, the second anniversary of “Tianya Mingyue Dao” Celebration, there is a bronze version of Shengshi, “Fifth Personality” is linked with “Bungo Stray Dogs”, and the first anniversary celebration of “World Catapult Story” opens…

There is always a game you want to play, right?

What? not a single one? Don’t worry, a new batch of version numbers have been released one after another, and we will analyze it again next month!

The above is today’s game Bai Xiaosheng.

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