What does a fighter’s “sparring” look like? Two types of target drones settled in Chengfei Aviation Theme Education Base

In the depths of the dense clouds, the fighter jets pierced through the sky like a long sword that swept the sky; sometimes, like silver-winged eagles, they swooped in and fought endlessly with the “enemy” in the clouds. This “enemy” is not only the “best partner” of the pilots in training, but also the hero behind the achievement of the pilot’s superb skills – this is the drone, a military aircraft used as a shooting training target. From October 28th, Chengdu citizens can see its true colors at the Chengfei Aviation Theme Education Base.

On October 28, on the first anniversary of the opening of the Chengfei Aviation-themed Education Base, the Yunying-300T and X70B target drones were unveiled and settled in the park, and the aviation industry Chengfei military aircraft development physical micro-exhibition also kicked off. The arrival of the two types of target drones has not only built a new landscape of “Phantom in the Clouds”, but also enriched the types of models on display at the education base, adding new content to the base’s aviation culture dissemination.

▲Chengfei Aviation Theme Education Base

The “best partner” for fighter training

One like an agile red bird, one like an elegant silver manta ray, as the red silk draped on them was slowly uncovered, the mysterious appearance of these two drones attracted many tourists to stop. From now on, they will stand quietly in the northwest corner of Chengfei Park, tilt their bodies slightly, and watch the vast blue sky that once soared.

“The role of the target drone is similar to that of a target. As an attack target for fighter jets, it enables pilots to aim during training.” Project member Hu Xi introduced to the Red Star News reporter that in order to train pilots’ battlefield response capabilities, the ideal way is to have two Fighters fight or attack each other, but in doing so, training costs are high. As a “replacement”, the target drone can accurately simulate the flight performance and radar cross-sectional area of ​​modern advanced fighter aircraft while reducing the cost, and simulate the execution of various tactical tasks, so that the pilot can feel “competitive” with the real aircraft. , Provide strong support for improving combat capabilities.

▲The two employees who participated in the development of the model unveiled the Yunying-300T

Fast, sensitive, stealthy… On the other hand, these two drones are powerful “imaginary enemies”. According to Hu Xi, the flight speed of Yunying-300T is close to the speed of sound, which is a great test of the fighter’s detection ability. The flat shape of the X70B makes it look small from all angles. Under the detection of radar, it can almost achieve a 360-degree stealth effect without dead ends.

A number of precious exhibits appeared, telling about the footprints of Chengfei over the past 60 years

In the aviation industry with a history of more than 60 years and many “firsts” in China’s aviation history, there is never a shortage of exciting stories. In the exhibition hall on the second floor platform of the education base, the micro-exhibition of the development of the military aircraft of the aviation industry has been opened for free. More than 100 old photos, exhibits and aircraft models are quietly displayed, telling the story of aviation The history of industrial success.

▲The two employees who participated in the development of the model unveiled the X70B

The yellowed work phone, the anti-G suit worn by the J-10 test pilots… The exhibits seem to have passed through the waves of time, showing the achievements of the aviation industry Chengfei in the development and production of military aircraft over the years. The aviation people have the feeling of “the great country” and the feeling of “the great power of the country”, which demonstrates the aviation people’s spirit of serving the country by aviation of “loyalty and dedication, chasing the dream of the blue sky”.

▲Aeronautical industry Chengfei military aircraft development physical micro-exhibition

As a garden-style fighter museum, the Chengfei Aviation-themed Education Base has a total of 14 aircraft on display, including 6 areas: Weilong Plaza, Aviation Historical Site, Iron Wing Fenghua, Longteng Plaza, Aviation Questions, Aviation Fun, and “Three Drops”. Featured sculptures such as “oil”, “Eight Ones” and “Pentagon in the Heart” and interesting check-in points such as flight simulation cabins have opened a new window for citizens to learn about aviation. Since the park opened on October 28, 2021, the base has received a total of 860,000 tourists, including more than 450,000 primary and secondary school students.

Red Star News reporter Zou Yue intern reporter Zhang Zhiyi

Edited by Chai Chang