What do you want to drink at the reunion? Nutrition experts: recommend freshly squeezed juice and milk

  Changsha Evening News All Media Reporter Zhu Yanhuang Correspondent Tang Hanmei Yang Zhengqiang

  During the Spring Festival, family reunions, visiting relatives and friends, and dinners come and go. Tang Xiliang, a national nutrition and health expert and first-level chief physician of Hunan Chest Hospital, reminded that during the Spring Festival, whether it is family reunion, dinner, or leisure and entertainment, we should put health first and avoid overeating. Mainly light, reasonable collocation. Especially the “Yangkang” people are still relatively weak, so keep in mind to avoid drinking.

  ”Yangkang” people don’t drink alcohol, especially when it just turns cloudy

  After Mr. Chen and his girlfriend were infected with the new crown, the nucleic acid turned negative for more than 10 days. This Spring Festival, he accompanied his girlfriend back to his hometown in Yiyang to visit his parents. The girlfriend’s mother set up a table of good dishes, and the father brought out the liquor that he had collected for many years. Unexpectedly, Mr. Chen felt dizzy and vomited after drinking a few cups, and he felt better after a night of sleep.

  ”During the recovery period, you must not drink alcohol indiscriminately under the influence of Spring Festival reunions and atmosphere infection.” Tang Xiliang said that after being infected with the new crown virus, many people experienced high fever, sore throat, coughing, etc., and their bodies were exhausted. Although the nucleic acid test results turned negative, However, the various organs of the body are still in the recovery stage and are relatively weak. Alcohol can irritate the gastric mucosa, damage the gastrointestinal tract, cause additional metabolic burden on the liver and kidney functions, inhibit the recovery of the immune system, cause indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux, etc., and severe cases may also cause acute alcohol poisoning.

  Not long ago, the “Expert Consensus on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Common Symptoms After Negative Nucleic Acid/Antigen Infection of New Coronavirus Infection” was released. Regarding the question of whether “Yangkang” people can drink two glasses during the Spring Festival, Academician Zhang Boli publicly stated that they should not drink alcohol, especially a lot of alcohol, and try not to drink beer and red wine. Especially after the cloudiness has just turned negative, you must avoid contact with alcohol, so as to avoid alcohol damage to the myocardium.

  Drink less carbonated beverages, toast recommended juice and milk

  During the Spring Festival reunion, it is inevitable to toast with relatives and friends. Tang Xiliang recommends that you drink freshly squeezed juice, pure milk, yogurt or lactic acid drinks. Freshly squeezed fruit juice contains various vitamins, minerals, etc., which are of great benefit to human health. Pure milk is high in calcium, yogurt and milk have roughly the same nutritional content, and lactic acid drinks contain lactobacillus, which is good for gastrointestinal digestion.

  Freshly squeezed juice should choose seasonal fruits, such as apples, oranges, kiwi, grapefruit, etc. When making juice, do not filter out fruit pomace, because it contains dietary fiber, etc., which is good for intestinal health. However, it should be noted that fruit juice has a high sugar content and is easily digested and absorbed. People with high blood sugar should try not to drink it.

  ”Coke, Sprite and other carbonated beverages are very popular among children, but they should not be consumed too much.” Tang Xiliang said that cola, Sprite and other beverages contain a lot of sugar, food coloring, flavoring, etc. Too much intake is not good for health. Children who often drink carbonated beverages are prone to suffer from “children’s beverage syndrome”. The symptoms are mainly tooth decay, obesity, anorexia, etc., and even diabetes in severe cases. Drinking an extra can of soda a day can increase a child’s risk of obesity by 60%, research has found. In addition, the carbon dioxide released by carbonated drinks can easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. Most carbonated beverages contain phosphoric acid. A large increase in phosphorus in the body will affect the absorption of calcium, causing an imbalance in the ratio of calcium and phosphorus, resulting in slow bone development and osteoporosis.

  Sweets like chocolate, cookies, candies, etc. are favorite snacks for kids. These foods are usually high in sugar, oil, and salt. Excessive consumption is harmful to health, so don’t eat too much. You can guide your children to eat some nuts rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and selenium.

  Avoid greasy and spicy, do not eat more than 150 grams of preserved meat each time

  The traditional diet during the Spring Festival is mostly deep-fried, heavy oil and salt, and is usually dominated by “big meals”. Chicken, duck, fish, and meat are very common on the dinner table.

  Tang Xiliang said that excessive intake of these high-fat, high-salt, and high-calorie foods will increase blood viscosity, increase the body’s metabolic burden, and increase the risk of pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. Especially for “three high” patients and elderly friends, it is really not a healthy food. People in the “Yangkang” stage have relatively weak digestion ability, and heavy-tasting foods such as greasy, spicy, and pickled foods can damage the spleen and stomach, affect intestinal function, and instead reduce the body’s immunity.

  There are also many preserved products such as bacon and fish on the dining tables of Hunan people during the Chinese New Year. Tang Xiliang said that although cured meat is delicious, it is not advisable to eat too much. Adults should not eat more than 150 grams of preserved meat at a time, and the number of consumption should be less than 2 to 3 times a month. The cooking methods of steaming, stir-frying and stewing should be preferred for wax products. Before making, boil the water and pour it off, so that part of the salt and nitrite can be dissolved. When making it, you can add fresh vegetables, such as green peppers, celery, garlic sprouts, radishes, etc., which can effectively block the synthesis of nitrosamines in the body, exert antioxidant functions, and reduce the risk of cancer.

  Balanced diet, with vegetables and fruits in every meal

  During the Spring Festival, how to ensure a healthy diet? Tang Xiliang suggested that, in general, the diet should be mainly light, reduce large fish and meat, appropriately increase the proportion of coarse grains, vegetables, and fruits, and have a balanced diet with a combination of meat and vegetables. In short, there are vegetables in every meal and fruits every day.

  Vegetables and fruits are important sources of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. They can relieve greasy, maintain normal gastrointestinal motility, and prevent constipation. Moreover, as an alkaline food, vegetables can neutralize excess acidic substances in the body and maintain the needs of the body’s metabolism. Tang Xiliang suggested that the intake of fresh vegetables should not be less than 300 grams per day, and dark vegetables should account for half; the intake of fresh fruits should be 200 to 350 grams per day, and fruit juice should not replace fresh fruits. Miscellaneous grains containing more crude fiber mainly include millet, corn, oatmeal, sweet potato, buckwheat, etc. When cooking rice, rice and coarse grains can be cooked together at a ratio of 1:1.

  Mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins (especially rich in B vitamins), minerals, various phytochemicals and polysaccharides, and have high nutritional value. Mushroom foods such as shiitake mushrooms and tea tree mushrooms are also rich in umami substances, which help to enhance the sense of taste. Using some of these foods during cooking can also reduce salt intake to some extent and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. For the elderly with high blood lipids and blood sugar, eating more mushrooms can effectively relieve symptoms. In addition, yuba and vermicelli are also good choices.

  During the Spring Festival, food safety cannot be ignored. Changsha CDC recently issued an important reminder that paying attention to the following aspects when making festive delicacies can greatly reduce the risk of foodborne diseases: wash your hands frequently, keep tableware and kitchen utensils clean, and keep refrigerators, kitchens and dining environments clean; All moldy and spoiled food materials should be discarded; when making food, the processing containers and utensils should be separated from raw and cooked; raw vegetables and fruits must be washed before eating; food stored in the refrigerator should be thoroughly heated before eating; Cooking food should be cooked thoroughly, and the core temperature of the food should reach above 70°C.