What did the Quantum Industry Conference bring to Anhui?

This year is the third edition of the Quantum Industry Conference.

From September 23 to 24, the 2023 Quantum Industry Conference hosted by the Hefei Municipal People’s Government, Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Quantum Technology Industry-Academic-Research Innovation Alliance, and China Telecom Quantum Group will be held in Hefei, Anhui Province.

As an internationally influential quantum technology industry event, the 2023 Quantum Industry Conference, with the theme of “Collaborative Innovation to Quantify the Future”, will not only showcase the most cutting-edge quantum information technology and industrial innovation results, but also hold keynote forums and quantum science popularization lectures and a series of special activities, and also invited experts, scholars and business representatives from the quantum information industry to gather together to discuss the development path of the quantum industry.

For Anhui, the Quantum Industry Conference has high standards, large scale and wide influence. For the world, the Quantum Industry Conference is also a rare event. But why is it held in Anhui for three consecutive years?

There is a strategy:

Quantum technology is the strategic commanding heights of competition between great powers

As one of the first few provinces in China to lay out quantum technology and industry, Anhui Province has closely followed the second wave of quantum technology revolution and developed a “combination punch” to support the quantum industry: compiling a quantum industry development report and developing the quantum industry on a regular basis. Schedule meetings for key projects, proactively connect with units such as the Quantum National Laboratory, and establish an investment and docking mechanism; complete the identification of quantum industry chain enterprises and industry chain library adjustment, and protect companies’ applications for high-level talents; carry out dual-need matchmaking meetings on a regular basis to provide Enterprises connect with departments such as the Science and Technology Bureau to solve problems such as innovative products and scenario needs.

Relying on the talent advantages of the University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui is becoming a hub for quantum science and technology innovation. Focusing on quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum precision measurement and other fields, Anhui is actively creating a source of quantum innovation technology, with the mature transformation of scientific research results as the core, and the research and development of key core technologies as the core. The breakthrough point is to take the industrial agglomeration development model as the path and strive to create the dual highlands of “quantum science” and “quantum industry”.

By the end of 2022, Anhui has gathered 19 quantum core companies, 28 upstream and downstream supporting companies, cultivated 1 listed company, and 2 unicorn companies. It has not only cultivated a large-scale industrial cluster featuring “quantum +”, Hefei It has also become an “Internet celebrity” city in the quantum circle, gradually making Anhui’s voice in the global quantum field, and its influence is increasing day by day.

Have strength:

Anhui strives to build a “global quantum center”

In recent years, Anhui’s quantum information technology and its industry have developed rapidly and achieved fruitful results. The seeds of quantum technology have blossomed in scientific and technological research, business incubation and growth, and the formation of industrial chains.

The world’s first quantum communication satellite, the world’s first quantum secure communication “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line”, the world’s first Jiuzhang optical quantum computer, Zu Chongzhi superconducting quantum computer… A large number of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements were born in Anhui, and China Telecom has also launched The world’s first integrated operational-grade quantum secure call solution, Tianyi Quantum Secret Voice has also passed all security standard tests of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology for office instant messaging software, reaching the highest level of “Excellence”.

Quantum elements can be found everywhere on Wangjiang West Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei: Institute of Quantum Information and Quantum Technology Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Quantum Science Center, USTC Guodun Quantum Technology Park…

Yunfei Road, which is parallel to Wangjiang West Road, is called the “Quantum Avenue” because it is home to more than 20 upstream and downstream related companies in the quantum field.

At the beginning of the year, the “First Annual Global Future Industry Development Index Report” released by ICV, a global cutting-edge technology consulting organization, showed that in the “hard-core” technology field of quantum information, the top five cities (clusters) are New York, Hefei, and London. , Beijing and San Francisco. In the ranking of enterprises in the field of quantum information, my country has a total of 3 companies in the top 20, all of which are Hefei companies. China Telecom Quantum Group, a wholly-owned investment by China Telecom, has also settled in this “quantum fertile soil”.


China Telecom joins hands with Anhui Jiajia Quantum Technology

The three years of the Quantum Industry Conference are also the three years of China Telecom’s layout in the field of quantum technology.

In 2021, taking advantage of Anhui Province’s first-mover advantage in quantum technology and the agglomeration advantage of the quantum industry, the Hefei Municipal People’s Government and China Telecom Anhui Company jointly organized the 2021 Quantum Industry Conference. At the conference, China Telecom Quantum Company was officially unveiled. China Telecom and HKUST Guodun jointly carried out basic research and application research and development of quantum technology, jointly promoted key core technology research, and accelerated the innovation and application of quantum technology and the transformation of results.

At present, China Telecom Quantum Company has obtained the honorary qualifications of National High-tech Enterprise, Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Anhui Province Big Data Enterprise, Hefei City Big Data Enterprise, High-tech Zone High-Growth Enterprise, and High-tech Zone Deep Technology Enterprise.

In fact, China Telecom has been in the quantum industry for a long time and has pioneered a series of technological achievements in the field of quantum communication. It has launched products such as quantum secret words, quantum security gateways, quantum security media, quantum encryption intercoms, quantum security video conferencing, and quantum metropolitan areas. Internet, quantum secure networking, quantum secure mobile office and other industry solutions.

In terms of standard research, China Telecom has taken the lead in formulating 5 industry standards; in terms of key technologies, it has actively built a “quantum cryptography system” of “quantum keys + national secret algorithms”; in terms of achievement transformation, it has built the world’s largest , the quantum metropolitan area network with the most users and the most comprehensive applications, has launched a quantum encrypted voice business, developed quantum secure intercom products, and created a quantum secure communication module; in terms of industrial ecology, it has been established with more than ten industry leading companies The “Quantum Information Application Cooperation Ecological Alliance” has initially built a quantum communication industry ecosystem that integrates industry, academia, and research.

Quantum communication has brought a higher level of data security protection. By encrypting the call content of users in key industries, end-to-end call security can be ensured. The number of service users has exceeded 500,000. China Telecom’s quantum security intercom products have been successfully used in scenarios such as communication re-protection at the 2022 Winter Paralympics; quantum encryption technology has also served the Internet of Things for the first time…

On May 29 this year, China Telecom Quantum Information Technology Group was unveiled in Hefei, Anhui, marking that the scientific and technological cooperation between China Telecom and Anhui will enter a new stage. It is also a firm implementation of the national strategic intentions jointly by the central and local governments. Both parties will work together in the field of quantum technology. Promote a series of cooperation in basic research and innovative applications, and promote high-quality development of the quantum technology industry.

It is understood that China Telecom Quantum Information Technology Group will integrate China Telecom’s resources in the field of quantum information, actively promote the development of the quantum industry and the research and development of cutting-edge quantum technology, accelerate the update and iteration of quantum products, realize the national scale promotion of the quantum industry, and simultaneously complete the industrial chain, Effective coverage of the midstream and downstream to establish a complete quantum industry ecosystem.


The General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued “Several Measures on Further Strengthening the Training and Use of Young Scientific and Technological Talents”


Announcement of the proposed projects of the Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation in 2023


28 people from our province have been nominated as valid candidates for academicians of the “Two Houses of Representatives” in 2023 (detailed list attached)


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