What brand of facial essence oil is good? Top ten best essence oil list

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. In normal maintenance steps, in order not to hinder the absorption of the subsequent essence, it usually appears in the last step of the essence, or mixed with face cream to achieve the effect of sealing and moisturizing. Secondly, for the dry skin of the makeup card powder in autumn and winter, you can also mix a drop or two of essential oil into the foundation, which will make the makeup effect more natural and docile. Finally, for some friends with dry bodies, there are also special body oils to choose from, and they can even be used on the hair to smooth frizz and maintain luster. So what are the best essential oils on the market?

SHIRO Begonia Oil Essence

The texture of the double layer of water and oil is used, and it needs to be shaken well before use. Using a variety of natural extracts as the main raw materials, including precious Qiongya Begonia extract, high-concentration aloe vera extract, etc., it has the effect of moisturizing, locking water, and conditioning the skin. The breath of natural spices is warm and calm, which is very pleasant.

Flower Dream Flower Essential Oil

I especially like this beauty oil, which is a skin care oil recommended by dermatologists, and my skin becomes white and smooth after use. This is one of the best beauty oils I’ve ever used. The big bottle is a good deal. A must try for those with bad skin, it is available for all skin types. Whitening spots, lightening stretch marks, moisturizing and nourishing, brightening skin tone, skin is soft and tender, I really love it. Sensitive skin must use.

Dior / Dior future new skin moisturizing repair essence

The green bottle beauty oil from Dior has a gel-like texture and feels light and moisturizing on the skin. Coupled with a refreshing and pleasant green scent, skin care is doubled in pleasure. At the same time, under the blessing of multiple plant extracts, the measured performance of moisturizing power is also high. Sensitive skin is advised to proceed with caution.

Anna Berlin Orange Nectar

Light orange blossom scent, nice smell. Shake it before use, the color is very beautiful, it is very well absorbed on the face, the moisturizing and nourishing with the APW essence mask is super good, the face is very moisturizing and hydrating, and the skin is still OK.

RODIN olio lusso luxury facial oil

Infused with 11 botanical and floral essences, this is the ideal liquid moisturizer for everyone looking for hydration, anti-aging, and brightening. Suitable for normal skin, oily, dry and combination skin without leaving any greasy feeling.

SK-II Essential Oil

A facial essence oil that is very friendly to oily skin. Like Lamer, this facial oil is also separated from water and oil. It contains the same pitera ingredient as fairy water. It is definitely good for regulating water and oil balance and pore problems. Even the taste is very similar to fairy water, remember to shake it before use!

Ogienie Anti-Wrinkle Repair Essence Oil

A biotechnology skin care brand from the United States, the packaging design feels very technological, the texture is very light oil, a little oily but not offensive, the absorption is pretty good, and the moisturizing is good.

DHC Butterfly Cui Shi pure olive oil

I believe everyone is familiar with olive oil, which has a very good emollient effect. The texture is the heaviest one, it is not particularly easy to spread, it is recommended to use it in essence or lotion.

calibio essential oil

Firming anti-wrinkle, joss pine, blueberry, ivy ingredients, if you like forest woody fragrance, you can start.

Cosmetics/DECORTE AQ soothing skin-friendly conditioning beauty oil

It has a light, moisturizing feel and is not sticky! Despite such a refreshing texture, the moisturizing power is not compromised in the slightest. However, its light floral fragrance is more attractive, which is a fly in the ointment.