What are the three basic heroes that must be mastered in the middle of the King of Glory? See how professional players choose

Hello everyone, in the professional game, the two positions of the middle and auxiliary are relatively important strategic layout points.

Among them, the middle lane is the tactical catering position and counter (restraint) position, and will often be used to target the enemy’s system or core, thereby creating a good rhythm environment for teammates.

Take the just-concluded 2022 Challenger Cup Finals as an example.

The above is the BP link of the first game. The mages of both sides are selected until the last two floors.

WB took Ying Zheng in order to cooperate with demolition. After Dong Huangtai bites someone, he can immediately take a big move to limit the opponent, reduce the blood volume of the eStar’s back row, and not give the opponent a chance to rescue his teammates.

And eStar took Shangguan Wan’er for two purposes.

The first is to suppress Ying Zheng online. Through super-long-distance rushing methods, Ying Zheng does not dare to show his face casually. The second is to make WB unable to comfortably take high burst shots. After all, Dong Huang Taiyi is specially used for If the output of the shooter is too slow and hot, it will be difficult to play the role of his own system.

This is the value of eStar giving the last hand to the middle, not only restraining WB’s middle, but also limiting its shooter position, making WB’s system flawed.

The above is the BP link of the third game. Both sides also left the last floor to the middle.

WB took Wang Zhaojun. On the one hand, it was to cooperate with Huang Zhong’s ground-mounted cannon. When he saw the enemy coming to cut, he would put a big move at Huang Zhong’s feet, and eStar’s Miyamoto Musashi and Xiahou Dun would be restricted. On the other hand, it is to compress Di Renjie’s output space and force out his second skills as soon as possible, so that Guan Yu can enter the arena smoothly.

And eStar took Xi Shi backhand on the fifth floor, which is easy to understand. After all, Xi Shi can restrain a hero without displacement, especially a shooter like Huang Zhong who needs to sit still and output, and Wang Zhaojun and Kai will be targeted.

WB’s lineup is a bit like four guarantees one, and Xi Shi was selected to target WB’s eldest brother.

The above is the BP part of the fourth game. eStar took the combination of Luban No. 7 + Luban Master, plus Rou Mengtian, it is obviously a play of four guarantees and one, and there is a high probability that the middle will use a tool person to guarantee.

Therefore, there is no need to hide the middle road on the WB side, and Shen Mengxi can be directly selected on the third floor.

Shen Mengxi has a very good effect on Luban and his son. After all, Master Luban’s shield can only be provided after the chain is provided. If Luban No. 7 is bombed by Shen Mengxi’s big move, then Master Luban will have to give the second skill, which is equivalent to Shen Mengxi used his big move to force Luban No. 7’s life-saving means, thereby creating an environment for other teammates to cut in.

In addition, the “Ice Surface Flow” Shen Mengxi can also restrain Meng Tian, ​​the deceleration of the breath of ice + the burning of the mask of pain, and a nightmare tooth, through the large-scale reduction coverage of the EX-type hybrid bomb, will make Meng Tian could not continue to stand on the field.

In addition, in the rest of the game, the middle road will not be selected on the second floor.


Because the first two floors are used to shape the core of the system, such as Luban No. 7 + Master Luban, Sun Bin + Tanbian, Guan Yu + Kai and Lu Bu + Zhang Fei, they cannot be divided casually, and the middle of the King’s Glory, under normal circumstances, Neither is the core, after all, there is no money, its more role is to cooperate with teammates or restrain the enemy.

Of course, unless the player has his own signature, such as Qing Rong’s Shiranui Mai, who has been banned all the time, and finally released in the fifth game, it is natural to grab it on the first floor to prevent the second round of BP from being banned.

And Qing Rong’s Mai Shiranui is the core of eStar’s own system.

Taking the BP of the finals as an example, what I mainly want to express is a mid lane that can play, not only makes teammates comfortable, but also makes enemies infinitely disgusting. When the jungler needs to develop in the early stage, it can perfectly link with the support to stabilize the rhythm. , when teammates need to enter the field in the later stage, they can be restricted to the enemy’s core to force out the core’s life-saving skills.

To put it bluntly, the middle lane is more important than other positions. Not only do you have to work hard, but also have a certain understanding of the lineup, which is the upper limit of the team.

OK, back to the original question.

What are the three basic heroes that a mid laner must know?

First of all, there are three types of mid lane, namely consumption type, position type and rush type.

The main advantage of the expendable type is that it has a long hand. It can give priority to reducing the enemy’s HP in a very safe position, so that they cannot push towers or effectively fight in a group. It is very suitable for crisp lineups.

The main advantage of the positional type is that it divides the battlefield. When the opponent wants to fight a combo, they can throw a big move in time to block the follow-up skills.

The main advantage of the dash type is that it has a high burst, and it can instantly get close to the back row to achieve instant kills. It is suitable for targeting those cores that are not easy to cut, like some flexible heroes.

In the current version, the high-end versions of these three types are: Shen Mengxi, Yi Xing and Shiranui Wu.

Shen Mengxi can ignore the front row and directly throw the ultimate move to limit the back row. Yixing’s ultimate move has a large enough range, and he has control all over his body. The division ability is T0 level, Shiranui Wu can reduce spell defense, and there are multiple displacement and control methods, which belong to the rear. Platoon nightmare.

Note that the cadre Mo Xie can replace Shen Mengxi, but he has to come out with a specialization. Zhou Yu can change to Yi Xing, which is also “Ice Surface Flow”, and Shangguan Wan’er can change to Shiranui Wu. The early outbreak is higher, but the stamina will be slightly insufficient.

Of course, there are also low-profile versions: Ying Zheng, Wang Zhaojun and Xiao Qiao.

The above three heroes will have a much lower operating limit, but their strategic value is not bad. As long as the rhythm is well controlled, they can still control the overall situation.

It is worth mentioning that although Xiao Qiao has no displacement, the core play also needs to rush forward and cut C to ensure that the big move is not blocked.

This is also an important reason why Huiyue must appear in Xiao Qiao’s first two popular outfits.

In addition, there is also a comprehensive type in the middle, that is, a mage who is proficient in everything. Among them, Haiyue is the strongest representative. One skill can be continuously consumed from a long distance, and the big move can force 1v1 to cut C and create more and less. situation.

(Haiyue’s top inning data on October 28)

It is precisely because of its comprehensive functionality that Haiyue’s data is so exaggerated. Under the premise of close to 90% BP rate, the winning rate is as high as 53.55%, which is a well-deserved version of the first sister.


It is good to be proficient in one of each of the three types. As for whether to choose a high-end version or a low-end version, it depends on your actual situation. Of course, if you don’t want trouble, you can just use Haiyue to score points, but you will be more afraid of being banned. .

How do you feel about this? Comments welcome.