What are the requirements for Zhuhai auto maintenance workers to register?

  What conditions do Zhuhai auto repair workers need to meet? Now there are more and more people applying for the certificate of auto repair workers, and now the development of the auto repair industry is getting better or better, so there are also more people signing up, let’s take a look – Come and see.

  The intensification of competition in the auto maintenance market and the gradual refinement of the division of labor have made the auto maintenance industry develop in the direction of specialized maintenance. For example, specializing in electronic control devices, professional painting, professional dynamic balancing, professional wrench and car beauty, etc., and more advanced maintenance and diagnosis equipment is applied to automobile maintenance.

  Apply for the certificate of automobile maintenance worker at the local labor bureau. The conditions for applying for the examination are:

  1. After the primary formal training of the occupation reaches the required standard hours, and obtain the graduation certificate;

  2. Continuous trainee work in this occupation for more than 2 years; 3. The occupational internship period expires. The job responsibilities of an automobile maintenance worker are: 1. Take direct responsibility for the safety production of this position; 2. Wear labor protection equipment and use protective equipment correctly when taking up the job; 3. Actively participate in various safety activities to improve safety awareness and skills ;4. Ensure that the maintenance items of the repaired vehicle meet the technical requirements and complete the work on time; 5. Complete various temporary work assigned by the superior.

  Registration Information for Auto Repair Workers:

  In our center, you need to prepare for the professional qualification examination of automobile maintenance workers: Application materials: sfz front and back, academic qualifications, 2-inch ID photo, fill in 1 application form for professional qualification appraisal of automobile maintenance workers, and the unit registration needs to issue the original copy of sfz for automobile maintenance workers 1 copy (the official seal of the unit is required); candidates who intend to sign up for the auto repair worker assessment should hurry up to prepare!