What are the health crises of sedentary office workers?

Sedentary for a long time, working at a desk 8 hours a day, using the computer for a long time;

Causes: hunchback, tight neck, shoulders and back, stiffness, soreness…

And modern office workers, students sedentary has become a “job disaster” inevitable.

Sedentary Health Crisis

office worker sedentary syndrome


cause dizziness

hum… groggy and don’t want to go to work

Muscle activity pumps fresh blood throughout the brain, prompting the brain to release a variety of brain-boosting and mood-boosting chemicals. When we sit for long periods of time, everything slows down, including brain function.


Neck and back pain

It hurts, it hurts…

When you have a hunched back, not only does your neck bend forward, it also causes excessive lumbar curvature and excessive thoracic curvature. The back muscles are forced to lengthen due to the curvature of the thoracic spine, and at the same time they need to assist in stable isometric contractions, which is a great burden.


Uneven force on the spine

Crooked sitting posture…

When moving, the cartilaginous discs between the vertebrae are like sponges soaked in blood and nutrients, sometimes expanding and sometimes shrinking. But when we sit for long periods of time, the discs of cartilage are squeezed unevenly and the collagen around tendons and ligaments hardens.


lumbar disc herniation

Disc herniation compresses nerve

According to research, the pressure on the lumbar spine when sitting is greater than that when standing and lying down, which is more likely to cause water loss in the intervertebral disc, accelerate degeneration, and cause intervertebral disc herniation.


causing hip stiffness

Hip pain, uncomfortable walking…

Sedentary people rarely stretch the musculature and joints around the hips, and the hips become increasingly stiff and tight, limiting range of motion and stride.


cause hip weakness

“I” have to get up and move haha…

Sitting doesn’t require the glute muscles to do anything, and limp glute muscles can impair your stability and reduce your ability to maintain a strong stride.


cause abdominal relaxation

dong dong dong… super elastic

When you sit upright or move around, the muscles in your abdominals pull you up. But when you’re sitting upright and hunched over. Tight back muscles and a flabby stomach can cause your lumbar spine to curve too far, causing back pain problems.


Poor blood circulation in the lower extremities

Not moving, lounging, lounging…

Sitting for long periods of time slows blood circulation, causing fluid to accumulate in the legs. From swollen ankles and varicose veins to dangerous blood clots, these problems are called deep vein thrombosis.

Sitting for a long time is very harmful. You should move more when you are free. If you have symptoms such as neck, shoulder and back pain, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time!

Sedentary neck pain

Just turn your arms

Step 1  Open your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes facing out. (People with low back pain may put a burden on the back, and the opening of the feet can be reduced) 

Step 2  Open the fingers with the palm facing down and turn the wrist upside down. 

Step 3  Raise your arms laterally to your back, higher than your shoulders, and fix your shoulder blades. 

Step 4  Turn your arms forward 40 times. 

Step 5  With the inside of the palm facing up, turn the arm upside down and turn it back 40 times. 

40 front rotations and 40 rear rotations are 1 set, 2 sets a day is better, and it only takes 4 minutes in total.

Suggestion: The time between the two groups is spaced apart, for example, once at noon break, and once after returning home, the effect is better.