What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? Avoid the three hidden side effects

At present, the incidence of tooth decay among children in my country is as high as 70%. The improper selection of this tooth cleaning tool has a lot to do! Compared with manual toothbrushes, children’s electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular now, and many parents want to choose a children’s electric toothbrush with strong cleaning power for their children. But there are also a lot of discussions on the Internet about children’s electric toothbrushes hurting their teeth, so what are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? As a children’s dentist, Zhao Min has evaluated nearly 40 children’s electric toothbrushes. Today, I will analyze with you whether babies, children, and children are suitable for using children’s electric toothbrushes. Here are some of the children’s electric toothbrushes I’ve reviewed:

1. What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes?

What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? At present, the rate of tooth decay among children in China is extremely high, and the child’s teeth are very immature. Choosing an inappropriate product for the child or the wrong way of brushing the child’s teeth, whether it is a manual toothbrush or a children’s electric toothbrush, will definitely bring the child’s teeth. Risk of injury . So what are the harmful effects of choosing the wrong children’s toothbrush? I summed up the following 3 points:

Hazard 1: Bleeding of the teeth and gums.

These unprofessional products will have multiple quality problems, such as high vibration frequency, hard bristles, inferior bristles, etc., which will irritate the child’s mouth when brushing teeth, resulting in bleeding teeth and gums. Many parents also complained to me about this. a little.

Hazard 2: Abrasion of teeth and gums.

Once the unprofessional products are used for a long time, they will cause excessive wear on the children’s teeth and gums, but it will lead to irreversible damage to the teeth such as tooth enamel wear and tooth sensitivity.

Hazard 3: Chronic Injury Tooth Hazard

Unprofessional products have poor professionalism, and the brand also lacks relevant oral research experience. They will not develop products for children’s oral needs, nor do they have any technical and R&D capabilities. Some are even sold under OEM brands. Long-term use is chronic tooth damage. It is too late to wait until the gums recede and the teeth bleed frequently.

2. Be wary of 5 common pit products in the market

What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? Are parents hesitant to buy after reading the three major hazards of tooth injury above? There are many cheating products on the market now. Such products will naturally cause children to hurt their teeth after using them for a long time. I have also summarized the following 5 types of cheating products. Don’t go into the pits!

1: Low-priced and inferior products

Don’t be greedy to buy products with big discounts and many gifts. Most of these are cheap products. Unqualified bristles with extremely low professional use, bristles with low rounding rate, and inferior motors can be found everywhere. Using a broken tooth is a matter of minutes.

2: Mother and baby bloggers bring products

Don’t think that the so-called mother and baby bloggers have rich parenting experience, and the products they recommend are easy to use. They are also advertising for businesses, and they must choose products rationally according to the specific needs of children.

3: Can quickly whiten products

Some parents heard the merchants say that the high vibration frequency of the product can quickly whiten them, but in fact these are violent cleaning, and the child’s oral cavity is not so resistant to high vibration frequency stimulation, which will definitely damage the teeth.

4: International big-name products

Don’t think that international big-name products are highly professional. In fact, most of them are OEM production in China. Some even have adult electric toothbrushes to replace the brush head, and their appearance is sold as children’s electric toothbrushes. How can children use them without hurting their teeth, plus Most of their products are researched by European and American children and are not suitable for domestic children.

5. Functional bristles

Don’t believe those who say that fluoride in the bristles can prevent dental diseases, and bamboo charcoal can eliminate odors. The proper IQ tax, many online searches are about professional dentists refuting rumors about these products.

Although there are many benefits of electric toothbrushes, parents are still worried that they will choose unsuitable products for their children and cause tooth damage, so I specially found 12 mainstream children’s toothbrush cleanliness index and tooth care index test table from professional oral forums. We make a reference, so that we can better judge the quality of the product.

Among the thousands of brands, the dental circle recognizes that Filix is ​​one of the few professional brands that “do not hurt teeth” in China. Not only the cleaning power is very good, but also the tooth damage rate is currently the lowest in China. It has been tested by a national authoritative testing agency to have strong cleaning power and reduce brushing damage by 90%, which is very powerful! The power is strong and the attenuation is very low, the vibration frequency stability and balance are very strong, and it is very compatible with the complex children’s teeth in China. The key to what their family can do is focus and professionalism! No redundant functions and no redundant models, just one product has been dead for seven or eight years, iterated more than 20 times, and optimized more than 300 details. And it is praised by the media as a “high fault-tolerant” children’s electric toothbrush, even if the child has a probability of wrongly brushing his teeth, it will not hurt his teeth! In order to “efficiently clean without hurting teeth”, we have created a number of original technologies, and adjusted parameters for more than 100 technical parameters such as vibration frequency, power, and swing, and the deviation of each performance index within 3-5 years is not higher than 0.1%. It never advertises but has become popular under the recommendation of many dentists. Many celebrities and celebrities also choose to use their products for their children. Facing the soaring tooth injury rate, Feile’s professional, rigorous and safe product concept has been recognized as a strict medical product research and development.

In addition, Philips, as an international brand, has a particularly strong sense of shock and a good stability output. I use it myself and the quality is ok. However, as a European and American brand, it may be specially designed for European and American children’s teeth. The overall shock and dynamic range are small, and the compatibility with domestic children’s dental characteristics at different stages is slightly less, so pay attention to selection.

If you have to buy cheap and cheap ones, I would recommend Bayer. The price is relatively cheap, and the basic functional experience can meet the requirements of those who do not have high entry requirements, but the core cleaning and tooth care performance is quite satisfactory and cannot be compared with professional ones. Warranty 1 Year, does not support trial, the brush head is about 20 yuan.

Philips and Feile support a 2-year warranty, and Feile supports a 7-day trial, which is full of confidence in the quality. In addition, the Philips brush is more expensive, costing about 150 yuan a year, and Feile recently gave it away for a limited time for 5 years.

Fourth, how to avoid the harm of tooth injury? 8 Tips for Choosing a Children’s Toothbrush

What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? I have also researched oral cleaning tools every day. This time, combined with the above-mentioned hazards and purchasing principles, I have summarized 8 children’s toothbrush purchasing skills. To choose a good children’s toothbrush, follow the standard. That’s right.

1. The size of the brush head should be suitable for the child’s mouth.

The choice of children’s toothbrush is not simply based on the age of the child, but the brush head should be selected according to the child’s oral development. The child’s mouth is small, and the size of the brush head should not be too large to flexibly rotate and clean in the mouth. Selection criteria: the width of the brush head can cover 2-3 teeth, and the height should be about the same as the teeth.

2. The hardness of the bristles should be suitable for the child’s mouth.

Excellent bristles can easily damage the child’s tender mouth. Too soft bristles will not clean properly. For children, it is necessary to choose the appropriate hardness according to the actual situation. For example, for young children, it is recommended to use softer bristles, which can better care for the mouth; older children can use moderately soft bristles, which can take care of both. Cleaning power and comfort.

3. Various types of brush heads

When choosing a children’s toothbrush for a child, it is necessary to consider the usage time of the next 2-4 years, because the child is developing and the oral cavity changes greatly, and it is necessary to choose a product with high compatibility. If you want to choose a children’s electric toothbrush, you must choose a product with a wide variety of brush heads, and the compatibility will be high.

4. The rounding rate of the bristles should be higher than 80%.

This point refers to the rounding of the top of the bristles. The higher the rounding rate, the better the protection of the child’s tender teeth from injury. Products with a rounding rate higher than 80% are more suitable for children.

5. Reject U-shaped electric toothbrushes.

The U-shaped brush design does not fit the shape of every child’s teeth, and it will hurt the teeth if it does not match. In addition, because the teeth are covered in a large area, it is very irritating to the gums.

6. Reject inferior nylon filament products.

Some low-priced products have low production costs, and the materials used will be inferior. For example, cheap nylon filaments are used, which are of very poor quality and have a high wear rate on children’s teeth. You must not choose them. It is recommended to choose high-quality DuPont bristles or fine soft bristles, which are also comfortable for children.

7. The vibration frequency range must be large enough.

The larger the vibration frequency range, the higher the compatibility. When the child is growing up, the oral needs are changing at any time. If you don’t want to change products frequently, it is best to choose a product with a large vibration frequency range.

8. Choose products with professional strength

Priority is given to brands with many years of oral experience, and core parameters such as vibration frequency range, swing angle, dynamic range, etc. of the product will be optimized according to the needs of children, so that highly professional products are not easy to hurt teeth.

4. What are the advantages of children’s electric toothbrushes?

The hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes are summarized above. Should children’s electric toothbrushes be used for children? Children over the age of 4 have gradually improved dental tolerance and can use an electric toothbrush. It should be known that the tooth decay rate of children in my country has exceeded 70%, and good oral hygiene can greatly reduce the probability of tooth decay. The use of children’s electric toothbrushes can bring more help to the oral cavity than manual toothbrushes, so it is also the reason why dentists focus on recommending them. These benefits are mainly reflected in the following points:

Benefit 1: Thoroughly clean your teeth, which can prevent dental disease.

Children’s electric toothbrushes can clean the blind areas of teeth in an all-round way, such as pits and fissures, crowns, interdental spaces, backs of teeth and other high-risk areas of dental disease can be thoroughly cleaned to effectively prevent tooth decay.

Benefit 2. The vibration frequency is stable and uniform, and the control force is more precise

The vibration frequency of the children’s electric toothbrush is very stable, and it does not require much effort from the child to clean the teeth. It can prevent children from brushing their teeth with a manual toothbrush. The force is precise and controllable to ensure safety .

Benefit 3. Save time and effort.

It takes more than ten minutes to clean the teeth with a manual toothbrush, but it only takes 2 minutes for a child to use an electric toothbrush to achieve this effect, which is more time-saving and labor-saving.

Benefit 4. The learning threshold is low, and it is easy to master the correct way of brushing your teeth.

Using a children’s electric toothbrush only requires the child to find a good angle and gently move the cleaning area. It is easier for children with inflexible hand muscles, the operation is simple and easy to use, and it is easier for them to learn the correct way to brush their teeth.

Benefit 5. Whiten teeth and fresh breath

The children’s electric toothbrush has a good cleaning effect and high cleaning efficiency, so it can effectively clean and clean the teeth, allowing children to whiten their teeth and freshen their breath.

What are the hazards of children’s electric toothbrushes? Children’s electric toothbrushes can bring a more thorough cleaning effect to the oral cavity, which is why dentists recommend babies, children, and children to use it, but it is necessary to choose highly professional products to ensure safety! Stay away from popular internet celebrity products on the market to prevent your child from hurting their teeth!