What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes? Demystifying 3 major harmful side effects

Due to the high incidence of tooth decay in children, parents are gradually paying more attention to their children’s oral hygiene, and they have gradually turned their attention to children’s electric toothbrushes with stronger cleaning effects in the selection of toothbrushes. However, there are many products in the market, and many parents will complain that children’s electric toothbrushes hurt their teeth when they use children’s electric toothbrushes for their children! So what’s so bad about children’s electric toothbrushes? As an oral care blogger, Chen Yu will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes today based on the knowledge of children’s electric toothbrushes, and conduct an in-depth popular science for parents on these issues, so that parents can fully understand this topic.

1. What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes?

What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes? Domestic children have a very high rate of dental disease. In addition, children’s teeth are very fragile and sensitive, and they do not have a high tolerance to undertake external stimuli. Therefore, whether it is a manual toothbrush or a children’s electric toothbrush, as long as the wrong choice or use Wrong, it will bring the following damage to the teeth:

Hazard 1. Teeth are worn away

Many unprofessional children’s electric toothbrushes use inferior motors, high vibration frequency, hard bristles, sharp bristles, etc., which will bring high-intensity stimulation to children’s teeth during use, wear children’s enamel and damage teeth.

Hazard 2. Bleeding of the teeth and gums

Unprofessional children’s electric toothbrushes reduce costs and pursue high profits. There are problems such as poor materials and narrow vibration frequency range, which can easily stimulate children’s mouth and cause bleeding and toothache.

Hazard 3. Chronic tooth injury

Many brands want to share the cake in the children’s electric toothbrush market and join the market one after another, but many of them are OEM production, without their own R&D technical team, and without any oral care experience. Chronic damage to the teeth results in irreversible damage to the teeth.

2. Are you afraid that your child will hurt your teeth? Five categories of products parents should avoid

What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes? At present, the competition in the children’s electric toothbrush market is fierce. It is inevitable that some inferior products will be hyped with the slogan of professional oral care, which will induce parents to buy them. Today, through popular science, I have also sorted out 5 common characteristics of injured teeth for everyone to see, so that parents can avoid pits:

1. Low-priced and low-quality goods

Some businesses will use promotional gimmicks such as loss-making promotions, low discounts, and more gifts to make parents feel that it is very cost-effective. In fact, the production cost of these products is very low, how can they have good quality? The tooth damage rate is very high.

2: Celebrity endorsements, Internet celebrities bring goods

Many children’s electric toothbrushes that are sold by the star halo lack professionalism, and the suitable age span is just talk. Parents should not follow the trend to buy, but learn to make rational judgments.

3: Cross-border brands

Many international brands sell their products relying on their accumulated popularity in the past, but they are not specialized in children’s oral care products, and their professionalism is very poor. Domestic children use, the tooth injury rate is very high.

4: Claims to Whiten Teeth Quickly

Many products will say that they can quickly whiten teeth, but they are actually cleaned with high vibration frequency, which has a great wear rate on children’s teeth.

5: Promote various functional bristles

Many products claim that fluoride in bristles can prevent dental disease, bamboo charcoal will not have peculiar smell, etc. These have no scientific basis at all and are false propaganda. Many professionals have refuted the rumors, and online searches are full of rumors.

This is the case in the current children’s electric toothbrush market. Everyone is promoting the product with high cleaning power and tooth protection, but the complaints are also obvious to all. Parents are worried that their children will suffer from toothache and tooth sensitivity after using products that hurt their teeth. Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to refer to the following charts of children’s toothbrush cleaning power and tooth protection index released by these oral platforms, so as to have a better bottom.

Among the many brands of children’s electric toothbrushes, FILIX is recognized as the only professional brand of “no tooth damage” technology in China. Its cleaning power is much stronger than other children’s electric toothbrushes, and the tooth injury rate is the lowest among domestic products. It has been tested by national authorities. The agency detects top-notch cleaning power and reduces brushing damage by 90%, which is very good! Their vibration frequency stability, power lasting attenuation and child compatibility are all very powerful! The key to achieving superior comprehensive performance lies in focus! Professionalism! No redundant functions, no redundant models, just one product for several years, iterating more than 20 versions! Optimize more than 300 details!

And it is known as a children’s electric toothbrush with a high fault tolerance rate, even if you brush your teeth incorrectly, it will not hurt your teeth. The first one to strictly define “six types of segmented care” for children aged 3-15 at different stages of their teeth. Create a number of “don’t hurt teeth” technologies and as many as hundreds of technical adjustment indicators, so that the performance deviation value within 3-5 years is not higher than 0.1%. Develop a variety of brush heads suitable for different children’s stages! It hardly advertises and focuses on research and development, but it is recommended by dentists to bring fire. Some celebrities choose their home because they worry about their children’s teeth being hurt by brushing their teeth! Its professional, high-performance and safe concept makes electric toothbrushes widely recognized as medical products.

As an international brand, Philips’ children’s toothbrushes are of acceptable quality, with strong vibration and power, a larger swing angle, and similar cleaning power to Feile. However, as a European and American brand, the vibration frequency and power span are small, which is more suitable for European and American children. It is slightly less compatible with different complex dental stages of domestic children, and there is a probability of tooth damage.

Many friends said that there are no low-cost products to recommend. You can try Shuke and Bayer in the cost-effective, but you get what you pay for. The basic functions and configurations are up to the standard, but there is a lack of adjustment to the core performance. High, but does not support trial, non-refundable after unpacking, 1-year warranty, and the annual cost of the brush head is about 80 yuan.

Philips and Feile have a 2-year warranty, and Feile supports trial use. The Philips brush head is more expensive, and it costs about 150 yuan a year. Feile seems to be giving away 5 years for a limited time.

3. How to choose correctly? 8 Practical Buying Guides

What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes? No matter how much I have said, there will definitely be parents who feel melancholy and don’t know how to choose professional products for their children. I have also taken this into consideration. In fact, after my evaluation, I found that the products can be clearly distinguished from professional and unprofessional. Below I have compiled 8 practical buying guides for you, which can be collected and used:

1. The types of brush heads should be rich.

Children’s oral cavity grows and develops very fast, and their needs are changing at any time. Many products marked for 3-12 years old only provide 1-2 types of brush heads, which are not suitable for children’s entire dental age, and are easily injured. tooth. It is best to choose products with a variety of brush heads that are compatible with each other.

2. The hardness of the bristles should be suitable for children.

For children’s fragile mouth, too hard bristles can easily stimulate the mouth and hurt teeth, but too soft bristles have poor cleaning power, so the hardness of the bristles should be appropriate. Young children are recommended to use softer bristles. You can use moderately soft bristles to take into account both cleaning power and tooth protection.

3. The noise should be smaller.

Many parents will ignore this point. Too much noise will make children feel afraid of rejecting brushing. Those products with poor quality and rough structure are very noisy. Pay attention to distinguish them, and choose high-quality products with low noise.

4. The suspension motor is preferred.

As a relatively key movement motor, quality is very important. Regarding the life and experience, it is recommended to choose a magnetic levitation motor. The vibration is very stable, the transmission loss is small, and it is more comfortable to use. Many inferior products use hollow motors. There is a high risk of injury to the stable tooth.

5. The rounding rate is higher than 80%.

The rounded bristles will not be too sharp and can protect the child’s teeth well. It is recommended to choose a product with a rounding rate of more than 80% for children’s electric toothbrushes to be more secure.

6. Select products with technical strength.

To judge the professionalism of a product, you can see whether it has oral care experience, and whether it has optimized and adjusted relevant parameters for children’s oral needs, such as vibration frequency range, swing angle, and dynamic range, which must have a high degree of compatibility. The cleaning power also protects the teeth. Those Internet celebrity products are often just gimmicks and publicity, and there is no professionalism at all.

7. The battery life can be maintained for 30 days

If the battery life is short, frequent charging is very troublesome, and the battery quality is also very poor. It is better to choose a product that can last for 30 days, which is more convenient.

8. Reject U-brush

Merchants will say that this type of toothbrush imitates the curvature of the teeth, which can be cleaned quickly and does not require operation skills. In fact, this design does not fit the tooth shape of each child, and it is very harmful to the teeth, and most of them are silicone bristles that have no cleaning power. .

4. What are the benefits of using a children’s electric toothbrush?

Speaking of this, it is inevitable that some parents who are still on the sidelines will be curious about what benefits the use of children’s electric toothbrushes can bring to oral cleaning, so that so many professionals recommend it.

In fact, the oral health of children in my country is not optimistic at present. More than 70% of children suffer from tooth decay. It can be seen that oral cleaning is particularly important. Compared with traditional manual toothbrushes, children’s electric toothbrushes can bring the following benefits:

BENEFITS 1. Stronger cleaning results in significant tooth decay prevention

Children’s electric toothbrushes can thoroughly clean the pits and fissures, crowns, interdental spaces, backs of teeth and other areas with high incidence of dental diseases, inhibit the production of dental plaque, and play a role in preventing tooth decay. The effect of manual toothbrushes is poor. a lot of.

Advantage 2. The vibration frequency is uniform and stable, and the strength is accurate.

Children need to have a certain degree of self-control to use a manual toothbrush to brush their teeth. They must use the right method, strength, angle and patience to brush their teeth. It is easy to hurt themselves with sudden force. The children’s electric toothbrush has a uniform and stable vibration frequency, the child’s strength control is simpler and more accurate, the cleaning effect is better, and the teeth are not injured.

Benefit 3. Save time and effort.

It takes at least 15 minutes to brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush. This is easy for children to lose patience, and they will feel that the process is very boring and will reject brushing. With a children’s electric toothbrush, it only takes two or three minutes to achieve manual brushing. More than ten times the cleaning effect, saving time and effort.

Benefit 4. The threshold for brushing teeth is low, and the child has a better grasp.

Most children under the age of 10 have inflexible hand muscles, and there are too many things to take into account when brushing their teeth with a manual toothbrush, which increases the difficulty of learning to brush their teeth. Using children’s electric toothbrushes only requires them to find a good cleaning angle and gently move the cleaning area. The threshold for learning to brush teeth is low, and it is easy to learn the correct brushing method.

Benefit 5. Maintenance of teeth whitening.

Use a children’s electric toothbrush to clean the food residue and food coloring on the surface of the teeth, it will not breed macular and cause yellow teeth, and can maintain teeth whitening.

What are the disadvantages of children’s electric toothbrushes? I believe that after reading today’s article introduction, you should have a good idea. There are not many disadvantages to choosing high-quality and safe products for babies, children and children. Of course, this also requires our parents to strictly control the selection of products, stay away from those unprofessional IQ tax products, and choose high-quality and professional products. As long as it does not hurt the teeth, the selection elements shared this time also hope that parents can use them flexibly to choose a suitable high-quality children’s electric toothbrush for their children.