What about the Genshin Impact’s current meeting? Gan Yu natural disaster grade element broke out, no thought is comparable to a thunderstorm

Each character in the popular game “Genshin Impact” has its own distinct personality and unparalleled cool moves. In the two-dimensional game, everyone will be shocked by the characters’ big moves. If these big moves appear in reality, what kind of scene will it be?

Recently, at Xiaopo Station, a special effects guy from Singapore, “Gobilln”, made a real-life version of Gan Yu’s ultimate move “Elemental Burst” in a movie-level way. The huge “hailstone” falling like glass is breathtakingly beautiful.

Through the frozen human ice sculptures in the valley, it is possible to compare how huge the water ball of this ultimate move is. This is no longer an ultimate move, but the ultimate skill of the natural disaster level! Gan Yu deserves to be Liyue’s immortal. In reality, it is this kind of regional destructive power!

Looking at Gan Yu’s cool big move, many netizens said that after watching the coldness behind the scenes, the first sight is peaceful and peaceful, and the second one has a chilling killing intent. After freezing all the enemies, leave them behind. The illusion of the entire valley was sealed by the lower ice linzhu.

Speaking of which, this is not the first time this special effect guy has tried to make a three-dimensional big move. Earlier, Zhongli’s “Heaven Moves Vientiane” was produced, and a sky moves Vientiane in the mountains. In the process of falling slowly, everyone can feel the huge gravitational pull of the destruction of the sky. Earth energy!

When the son Dadalia released his ultimate move, the giant water-colored whale that jumped out of the ground was also a shocking beauty.

What kind of shocking scene would General Raiden unleash an infinite knife in reality? The live-action version of General Thunder brought by “Cat Tail Tavern”, the posture of drawing a sword in his chest is so cool!

And “Oops Xuan Da” even used special effects to show off the shocking special effects of General Thunder and Lightning.

I have to say that there are more and more Yuanshen players now, and Erchuang is simply inwardly mad. I don’t know which character you want to see in the real world.