Westward Journey 2: Which attributes of a character are the most difficult to achieve? You can never keep up with the development team

In the previous articles, everyone discussed the creation route of summoned beasts and the trend of krypton gold. In fact, for the current version, the creation of the character’s own attributes is also a headache. Many people think that as long as the equipment and accessories are properly matched in this regard, other styles are not a problem.

In fact, it is not. In today’s gameplay, many attributes of the character itself must be achieved through a combination of kryptonite and practice, and there are some data that even local tyrants do not have any shortcuts. In this article, I will simply chat with the big guys. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the topic~

gem grade

Since the release of the new version of gems in “Westward Journey 2”, synthesizing high-grade stones has become a must for all players. You must have a deep understanding of the probability of the system. As long as it is not 100%, there is basically a possibility of failure. It’s quite big, not to mention everyone understands this. For ordinary players, if you save 50 Shimen gems every week, it may be broken into pieces after a few months.

It is no wonder that some players complained that they had been in the pit for more than a year, and they had never even seen a level 7 stone! Of course, in terms of gem synthesis, local tyrants can use krypton gold to solve it. The probability of big talk has never been able to match the “money ability” of the gods, hundreds of thousands or millions of investment, and 10-level gems are not a problem. So now the big guys don’t care about the gem level, they care more about the quality of the 10th-level stone.

child’s data

If the new version of gems can be obtained directly by means of kryptonite, then the training of children is really frustrating… Whether you are an ordinary player or a first-line hero, you must follow the process step by step. How to reach 1,200 points in various data is a headache for a lot of players. In addition, there are 800 points of intimacy and filial piety, which is a “big project” that boils people.

Of course, if you are the kind of player who pursues the ultimate, the child has to choose the old version of the attribute, (highest rating: 5078) For the current trend of “Westward Journey 2”, this kind of irreversible data is the most rare, and also the price. The most expensive. To give a simple example, if a level 200 character has 3 children with a rating of 5078, the price will be increased by at least one third or more!

Character “New Talent” System

Many of the big guys have already achieved the above mentioned. The most difficult one is the previously updated talent system. The development team has adjusted the talent cultivation progress from the previous 60 to 120, which seems to have only doubled. The actual experience required has increased many times! Some great gods have done simple calculations before. According to the current upgrade speed, even those first-line bigwigs want to reach the full level, it is estimated that it will take nearly 2 years.

Not only that, even if one day the great gods reach the full level of all the settings, at this time, after a few lines of code, it is estimated that everyone will have to struggle for several years to catch up. I also joked with some friends before that the most difficult thing about “Dahua 2” is not the equipment nor the baby, but the ability to keep up with the rhythm of the development team.