Westward Journey 2: The first four finalists in the entire server debut! Skill is amazing

Have you seen the four ultimate painting fairy? Speaking of the fairy in the painting, in Westward Journey 2, it is one of the three rare mythical beasts. With its excellent initial value, it has always been admired by the players, especially the fairy in the painting with the ultimate skills. It’s not a problem, so what does the immortal in the painting with the ultimate death look like? Let’s see it together.

Speaking of the fairy in the painting, everyone must have seen the fairy in the painting with Huawu in some high-end PK games. The fairy in the painting in front of you is much more ruthless than the fairy in the painting. At the same time, he also brought three ultimate skills, two-pronged approach, checkmate and spring back to the earth. It is estimated that this is the only painting fairy with four ultimates in the whole server. This painting fairy was born in the indiscriminate game server hero club.

If you let everyone match PK male ghosts, how will you match them? The male ghost in front of him is said to have achieved the ultimate resistance. Although the anti-mixing and anti-icing are not very good, this dodge rate is pulled to the extreme. The dodge of 187 is probably not too good to exceed at present.

You must have seen one or two of the 500,000 celestial artifacts, so have you seen the first-order 500,000 celestial artifacts? The first-order immortal artifact in front of me was sold at the Treasure Pavilion at a price of 500,000 yuan. Seeing this, Yixin was speechless. Could it be that RMB and DHB can be exchanged at an equivalent value soon? What do you think about this? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting, see you next time.