Westward Journey 2: The Fifth-Order Immortal Tool Creates a Dream Girl Ghost! Equipment matching is important

Yellow sand wears golden armor in a hundred battles, and Loulan will never be returned if it is not broken. The 2022 Indiscriminate Hegemony Tournament is in full swing. I believe that everyone has encounters with many teams in the daily PK stage. Among the many passing teams, there is a team lineup that has to be mentioned. , The lineup of female ghosts and women’s two-way output, so how to match the female ghosts in this team? Let’s have a chat.

Many teams bring female ghosts, and a large part of the reason is to target women. As we all know, women with red training suits can explode poison damage, and charm spells can increase the target unit’s 28,944 anti-poison damage. When the charm talent is full, the charmed unit can resist 31,968 poison damage, plus the strength of its own charm spell, the female ghost can play a great role in resisting the poison damage of women, and its defensive power is enhanced. At the same time, the female ghost can also take into account the output, which is also an advantage of the female ghost. Let’s take a look at the female ghost’s outfit.

The weapon has a ready-made fifth-order fairy weapon, ignoring the foundation of the anti-wildfire 40, the ghost fire rage probability of 18, the only flaw is that this fairy weapon does not contain strong water, only the blue character is 24 points, the refining tool As for weapons, just hit him with a level, or divide the berserk level into berserk chance and berserk level, but the latter’s berserk damage is almost the same. Of course, if the Berserk chance is low, and the Berserk is not triggered, then the Berserk level will be of little use.

Clothes and hats are based on strong ghost fire and strong charm, refining and refining strong water and bringing some spirituality. It is recommended that you use level 15 equipment. Such equipment has good resistance and can be adjusted according to your own needs.

Choose a necklace with basic spiritual requirements. As for resistance, you can adjust it according to your own needs. The probability of refining the water and the wildfire is matched with the degree of the wildfire. Of course, if you can fight the fire, do it. Don’t be serious. , to match according to your own needs, the probability of ghost fire madness is matched with the refinement of ghost fire rage level, many friends say that the necklace is made of high rage, and the ghost fire rage reaches 30 points. Interested friends can try it for themselves, how much damage difference is generated between the necklace of Ghost Fire Rage 30 and the necklace of Ghost Fire Rage 15 and level 15. However, the disadvantage of this combination is that the probability of berserk is not very high, and you need to eat the curse rune.

In addition to weapons, clothes, hats and necklaces, there is also an equipment amulet related to firepower. How to match the amulet? The basic choice is to increase the strong effect with the upper limit of four resistances. In order to improve its own resistance, refining is matched with a ghost fire rage probability and a ghost fire rage degree to increase the rage damage of the ghost fire.

The star card is still based on the conventional thinking to match the double ghost fire rage level. Of course, if a small partner chooses a star card with the summoned beast damage and the rage level, it is also possible. This kind of star card has more obvious damage to the summoned beast. If you are not satisfied, the friends can make some adjustments to weapons, necklaces, amulets, and star cards, and test them yourself. After all, everyone has different ideas and thoughts, and you will know what is the most suitable after you have tested them yourself. Well, the matching of female ghosts has come to an end. For more indiscriminate related content, you can pay attention to it, and we will see you in the next issue.