Westward Journey 2: The ceiling of male demon equipment unveiled! The strength of level 14 high equipment should not be underestimated

hello! Hello guys, I am one mind. Two days ago, a little friend used a set of rare divine beast fragments and a set of divine beast fragments to challenge chickens and donkeys. What was the final result? Let’s go see it together today.

The big guy in front of him is shouting with a bell. It can be seen that the rare and divine beast fragments are all ready to go. There is a kind of arrow on the string, and the battle is going on. Let’s look at the content of this big guy’s bell. Ask for Bai Ze and Chui Yunsou, I don’t know if I can get my wish in the end.

The operation is as fierce as a tiger, and we will do it if we say it. After a while, 500 rare animal fragments have ended its mission, and a fairy in the painting has fallen from the sky. It is estimated that this old iron is already secretly happy at this time. Although I don’t like to mention Bai Ze, but I like to mention the fairy in the painting, this is a very good deal.

Let’s look at the 90 fragments of mythical beasts. When the answer is finally revealed, what kind of miracle will happen? In the end, with 90 fragments of divine beasts, one of the five divine beasts and five leaves was happily mentioned. It seems that the dreams of Bai Ze and Chuiyunsou of this boss have been shattered.

After talking about the beasts, let’s take a look at this level 14 male demon clothes, which is known as the ceiling of the full suit. Although there is a slight flaw in strengthening the shock and deterrence properties, the additional properties and refining of the clothes are ruthless, and the additional speed is 11 blue. The word is matched with the green word of Agile 39. Isn’t such a piece of clothing worth having?

When it comes to ignoring the mix of 0.9 in the blue word, how many old irons are on the road of smashing equipment, one after another, falling down one by one, and spending a lot on the materials of immeasurable colored glaze and witch casting, and very few people get their wish, let’s look at this one again Lao Tie, a plot mission in Pipa Cave has fulfilled many people’s dreams. Seeing this, did Lao Tie feel a burst of grief in their hearts? Well, the content of this issue comes to an end here, more exciting content, see you in the next issue.