Westward Journey 2: The big boss of Lingyan Pavilion is madly sweeping the goods, and the purchase record of the magic weapon on the screen stuns everyone!

It’s all to give Xiaobian a lot of energy!

hello! Hello everyone, the editor of the classic online game Westward Journey 2 has brought you the latest game information. Interested players and friends can follow the editor’s lens and look down~

Dahua Westward Journey 2, as a classic online game for the 20th anniversary of its successful operation, once created the feat of millions of people online at its peak. Although it is no longer brilliant, it is still a masterpiece of domestic end games. Today, let’s take a look at the interesting games in the recent Dahua 2 rivers and lakes.

The sweeping records on the screen above are said to be the crazy behavior of the big boss of Lingyan Pavilion at a certain moment to show his money ability. Sure enough, the operation of local tyrants is different from that of ordinary players. Will such a crazy behavior of scavenging goods temporarily raise the price of magic weapons? In fact, the impact on everyone is not big, after all, the daily magic weapon is still very sufficient. You can calculate, how many months of pocket money did the local tyrants spend on sweeping the goods this time?

After watching the local tyrants who sweep the magic weapons, let’s take a look at the lucky players who upgrade the magic weapons. This lucky player named East and West Unbeaten has successfully upgraded two pairs of four-level lotus roots in a row! How small is the probability of this? This player can rest for half a year.

The old players of Big Talk 2 should be used to seeing various ways to obtain magic weapons. The lucky player to show you this time is the man chaotic magic weapon that was snatched from the gang’s treasure minions.

Today is a special event for the magic weapon reward. Next, the player reported to the development team the step-by-step shoes obtained by the bug of the inn. However, according to the experience of the old players, this kind of feedback bug has always proved that the development team is relatively stingy.

The next anecdote is about the second-ranked team. Let’s see how many ascension teams have lost to this 2 transfer team? It can be regarded as adding a touch of luster to the boring daily game.