Westward Journey 2: Super spiders are coming with 560 million intimates! The success rate of sacrificing one’s life is terrifyingly high

Recently, I don’t know if the friends who participated in the indiscriminate competition have found a problem. There are many super spiders in PK. Super spiders are still a relatively good carrier of sacrifice skills, so with 560 million intimate super spiders, it sacrifices life for justice. What is the success rate? With this question, enter our story today.

This is a mythical beast super spider that looks exactly like the super spider in the indiscriminate competition. The 560 million intimacy on this super spider is very conspicuous, so at the same level, such a high intimacy and sacrifice of life skills What is the success rate? The answer is 96%, that is to say, when activating the life sacrifice skill, out of 100 cases, 96 times are successful. With such a high hit rate, one can’t help but feel that with intimacy, one can really do whatever they want.

At two o’clock in the morning, this time should be the time when everyone is happy to sleep. Even if they don’t sleep, some friends are immersed in the joy of hanging up, but a friend has received a message from the friend’s chance of being caught. A piece of force is fatally broken. It really answers that sentence. Some people make money when they fall asleep.

I have to say that this is a sad story. An old iron was working on the gem. It was smooth at the beginning, and the operation went to level 6. But the sad thing started from here. After the gem reached level 6, the level went up. , but unexpectedly, when he went out, it was a complete 6th-level gem. When he took it back, it became a basket of fragments, and there were not even slag left. Seeing this, I felt sorry for him here for a few seconds. Well, the content of this issue has come to an end, see you in the next issue for more exciting content.