Westward Journey 2: Players share the unforgettable teacher-disciple relationship! Thousands of miles to our heart to heart

When it comes to the many emotions of big talk players, the most touching one is the relationship between master and apprentice. Recently, a little friend and Yixin talked about the inseparable friendship between him and his master. Let’s go and see together. Bar.

My name is Calm. In the world of Dahua, I am a relatively Buddhist person.

The name “Probability God Calm” is also a name that I have thought about for a long time before deciding on it. Here to share with you a story about me in the big talk, the story is a bit bloody and a bit wacky. Not much to say here, I’ll just start talking:

One day in 2019, when I was at work, I saw a person chatting in a WeChat big talk group, talking a lot about big talk, and found that he knew big talk better, and I gave up big talk for a long time because of work, and just returned. , so I wanted to find a master who knew better, so I added him as a friend by accident. The story begins on this day.

There is not much language, I just casually said something to him to be my master, right? Because you know so much. Then he readily agreed. Then it entered a quiet period, I didn’t speak, and he didn’t speak either. Logically, the story ended like this, but suddenly one day, he asked me which server you are on, and I answered World War I Allure, and I found out in the subsequent chat that he was the Lingyan Pavilion server. That’s it, but it’s still not reconciled to think about it. Later, when I was playing big talk, I encountered a lot of knowledge that I didn’t understand, and then I asked him casually, and slowly the two became familiar. The word “Master” is getting more and more fluent in my name. Until later, we agreed on a time and place, and in the parallel world of Dahua, we took pictures at the same coordinates on different servers, posed together, and had a lot of fun. Suddenly, we found that different servers have different flavors. And I found that meeting him, I avoided a lot of minefields of big talk. Slowly, the relationship between the two of us has entered a lot, that is, during the inadvertent period, one day I contacted someone who bought a mythical beast toad, and I was anxious to know the specific price. Wechat voice is over! No one answered for a long time, and suddenly a female voice came into my ear. I thought I made a mistake, so I picked up my phone and looked at it. It was really my master! My teacher is actually a woman. I was so nervous that I didn’t know what to say. Hastily hung up the phone. At this point, I can truly know the actual gender of the other party. Completely beyond my expectations, there are girls playing this game! And can play better than me…

Later, it has been very dull, we have been in contact for a year or two like this, and in the slow chat, I found that she and I were not very far away. And she lives only more than 200 kilometers away from me. She is in X city and I am in K city.

So I had a bold idea (everyone here knows it), and I didn’t know what was driving me, so I wanted to find a master. After talking for a long time, the master agreed that I should go to her. Then we agreed to go eat hot pot together, and go to Internet cafes to play games together. That day happened to be the eve of Christmas Eve. I rented a shared car and went to the master with an uneasy mood. Until now, I vaguely remember that the air conditioner of that car could not be turned on, and it became numb along the way. With an uneasy mood and numb hands, it took three hours to arrive at X city where she was located. I went directly to the hot pot restaurant that was agreed upon. I made an appointment at 18:00, and I arrived at 16:00. I was embarrassedly standing in front of the hot pot restaurant. There were still two hours left, and I didn’t know what to do. So I found a flower shop to buy a bunch of flowers, and asked the boss to arrange the bouquet that is more sunny and energetic. Say the address and go back. I felt like I could go to the hot pot restaurant, and I was anxious to go to the bathroom, so I went upstairs. After telling the waiter, I went to the bathroom. Because the bathroom is unisex, so I didn’t think much about it, I just rushed in in a hurry. Suddenly, I found that there was a man in the corner of the partition I entered. I glanced at the man and I rushed out of the bathroom in embarrassment. Because the two of them were using too much force, they got stuck on the bathroom door. At this time, I suddenly saw a girl in front of me watching in horror as we squeezed against the door together, and at the man’s unfastened belts. I cracked on the spot… We quickly squeezed out. , and then the man left calmly. I wanted to sew in the ground, but was still in a hurry to go to the bathroom, and then I rushed in again.