Westward Journey 2: Players contribute short stories! The friendship between master and apprentice continues

Finally, the tragic experience is over. With mixed feelings, I walked slowly, looking at the master and the other two girls. The weather was cold, and because we both drank a little bit of wine and blew in the cold wind, the wine strength came up. I peeked at my master, and felt that she was also a little bit drunk. Until this time, I did not encourage I took a good look at the master with courage. Today’s master is wearing a white down jacket, light blue pants, and a pair of small high heels. The height by visual inspection exceeds 170CM, which is almost the same as me. I was fortunate at the time, fortunately my height was okay, otherwise I would be in a big hole. The master looks very comfortable at first glance, coupled with the beautiful appearance, with the night scene. Kind of insane! Looking at the other two girls, a yellow down jacket and a black down jacket, I can’t help but feel that the three of them walking together are like a painting. I found a rule that beside beauties are basically beauties, and all three of them look good. Looking at it, I fell into all kinds of reverie. This kind of drinking is three-point drunk, and the feeling of chatting and chatting is really good.

We walked straight into an Internet cafe, swiped our ID cards, asked for a cup of milk tea each, and sat in the lobby. Looking around, there are not many people in the Internet cafe, and a lazy song is playing in the lobby. I sat down next to the master and turned on the four computers. Suddenly, I was caught off guard by a small, fair-skinned hand that slammed into my back along my neck. I was stunned for a moment, and I screamed out in ice. Then the three of them burst into laughter, and only then did I know that it was the master who shoved his hand into my clothes. I was so sorry!

Why did I call out. I’m just pretending to be quiet, okay? At this time, the computer was also turned on, and we each logged in to our own account. At this time, I looked at their account in detail, and then I realized that my gameplay was really stupid. When I saw their account, I looked at their mounts. , Dharma door, talent, child, look at your own. I feel like I’m playing alone. Listening to the master explaining the racial division of mounts and the children’s strategy, because of the proximity, from time to time, I smell the aroma of the master’s body mixed with the smell of wine, listening to the explanation with my ears, and thinking about it.

Slowly I realized what an unwise decision I made to buy the divine beast toad. Also, everyone’s personality is different, and the summoned beasts they bring are different. The master likes the atmospheric and practical summoned beasts, such as unicorns, ice cubes, etc. Another girl prefers to like the color-changing pink series of summoned beasts, and another girl likes out-of-print summoned beasts. Everyone has different ways of playing, but the three of them There is an essential difference between the individual and me, that is, I don’t pay attention to the improvement of the account, they pay much attention to the improvement of the account, and I didn’t know until this day that the details of this game are the key. Playing and playing, look at the time is more than eleven o’clock. After getting off the plane, I sent the three of them back home one by one, and I found a hotel near the master’s house and stayed there. I thought about playing here for a few days, lying in the hotel and thinking wildly. Thinking of various scenarios to play, let’s go to the amusement park tomorrow! Sent a good night to the master, and fell asleep after thinking about it.