Westward Journey 2: Players bask in 340 million intimate Bai Ze! Minimum speed or full server

Hello everyone, everyone, I am with one heart. In the recent Indiscriminate Hegemony Competition, many veterans took a Bai Ze as the final “bottom line” in the number matching session, so a 300 million close Bai Ze, How slow will it be, do you know? With this question we enter today’s story.

Two days ago, there was a 340 million close Bai Ze on the official website, and this Bai Ze has the ultimate skill on him. Bai Ze is the only divine beast with negative speed. The beginning of SP-800 Value, then how fast can this mythical beast with the staggering skill? As we all know, staggering has the effect of reducing speed SP, that is to say, staggering can be subtracted from the original speed of the summoned beast, minus the speed of staggering, this Bai Ze has a negative speed of 1152, I don’t know if this Bai Ze will Not the slowest one.

Two days ago, there was an old iron who wanted to change the color of his concubine Mingling, and turned the golden cat in front of him into a blue cat. He prepared a few magic color pills in one breath. The effect of magic color pills can be achieved. The summoned beast is 100% discolored, and I don’t know if this cat will get his wish in the end.

After taking a phantom color pill, you can see that the color of Concubine Mingling has indeed changed, from the original golden yellow to a light color, but it looks as if it has not changed color.

A Magic Color Pill did not seem to have any effect. Then, the old iron bought a second Magic Color Pill, hoping that this time, the concubine Mingling could turn into the blue color that he liked.

However, after the second magic color pill was taken, the concubine Mingling in front of her returned to the original color again, which was still the golden hair. The two magic color pills obviously did not change the color of the concubine Mingling to what you wanted. The blue you want, what do you think about this, my friends? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting, see you in the next issue.