Westward Journey 2: Is the development team lazy? These three summoned beasts have the same shape and different types

A game friend for life, hello everyone, I am your old friend Lao Zhangtou, here is the classic video of the big talk, I update the latest cattle pictures and information for you every day, and also share some practical strategies, thank you for your attention, we will Find out what to talk about today.

Everyone knows the summoned beast in the big talk, but today I want to talk about a digression. Do you know which one is the most used by the development team in the game? Maybe everyone can’t figure it out. In fact, this summoned beast is not used very much now, but it was a summoned beast that everyone often used back then. Thunderbird people, don’t believe it, let’s talk about it below.

First of all, the first type is the very common Thunderbird. After reaching the title limit or level limit, you can capture it and bring it with you after washing the initial value. It was also a very popular attack pet back then. Some people made blood, and some people To create a successful, in short, a generation of classics.

Then there is the Patronus Thunderbolt, which also uses this shape, but the color changes and the growth rate is also different. When it was first launched, a high-level Thunderbolt could sell for a high price of more than 2,000. Now, how much is it worth? But now, if you take a look around the Treasure Pavilion, you won’t be able to sell it for much if you build it with skills.

In the end, there is the divine beast Thunderbird. In fact, the divine beast Thunderbird is the shape of the divine beast toad after flying. Thunderbirds can fly again. After soaring, they have a good shape for the two brothers. , In fact, after saying so much, do you think the development team has been using it because of being lazy or because this style is really popular?

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