Westward Journey 2: Inventory of those who have been played badly! These summoned beasts are forced to transform

Two days ago, when talking about the stance artifact in the indiscriminate hegemony arena, many friends complained, why there is no Bai Ze, and why there is no Thunder Beast, are these divine beasts unworthy? Don’t worry, today I will take you all to talk about the potential bright spots of this kind of mythical beast.

Top1, Bai Ze

Bai Ze, the mythical beast, is definitely the ceiling of the blood pet in Dahua Westward Journey 2. At the beginning of the blood, it seems that no mythical beast can reach the initial value of 1200 HP. The only one who can achieve such an initial value is perhaps only Bai Ze. Even the newly released six-art beasts have a hard time reaching such a peak blood volume, so this baby is really suitable for standing, but Bai Ze’s speed is also lower than that of ordinary summoned beasts, so this summoned beast is more suitable for reverse pulling , If the auxiliary firepower is stationed, the conditions are relatively harsh, and it is not easy to cooperate. It is often seen that Bai Ze is pulled out at the last moment of the game, especially when there is no difference and the materials are not too abundant, Bai Ze will also be released. in the last round.

Top2, Thunder Beast

When it comes to the use of the old version of the beast as a stand, a small friend commented in the comment area, what’s the matter, is my thunder beast not worthy of a stand? Judging from the initial value of Thunder Beast, the HP200 is much higher than that of summoned beasts of the same type, and even higher than that of the two brothers, who are known as standing artifacts. This Blood Chu has no negative sensitivity. It is more suitable for standing support. However, there is a drawback in Thunder Beast. The five elements of Thunder Beast are mainly water. As we all know, in PK, there are two mainstream lineups, one is gram wood and the other is gram water. Most of them have the attributes of wood and water, which has resulted in a lot of increase in the damage to the five elements of water summoned beasts, so the thunder beasts will be killed in seconds if they are careless. The advantages of law have also begun to transform and take the second route, and the chances of standing are also reduced a lot.

Top3, Super Turtle Prime Minister

Super Thunder Beast has a brother of the same origin, the Super Turtle Prime Minister. This mythical beast and Thunder Beast are also ascended from the Super Turtle. When the Mythical Beast and the Super Turtle reach the conditions for ascension, the first ascension can transform into the Turtle Prime Minister, and then The second time he ascended, he turned into a thunder beast. Therefore, the initial value of the turtle prime minister and the thunder beast are basically the same. The only difference lies in their five elements. In the early days, the turtle prime minister was also common in the competition arena. Standing beast, but has a similar experience with thunder beast, also because his five elements belong to water, coupled with the advent of consonance, the turtle prime minister also ushered in reform, transformed from a blood pet to a second.

Top4, the old man in the cloud

Old Man Chuiyun, among the five divine beasts, has the thickest blood volume. The blood of this divine beast is higher than that of Wuye and Langtaosha, both of which are also five divine beasts. It was also used as a blood pet station. However, Chuiyunsou has another advantage. Fa Chu also has an advantage, but similar to the situation of Thunder Beast and Turtle Prime Minister, Chuiyunsou finally became a favorite of Fa Miao, saying goodbye to the station. Pile pet situation.

Top5, lion and scorpion

As a standing artifact, the scorpion has never been absent. Although the blood of the scorpion is not as high as the above-mentioned divine beasts, it occupies a relatively stable advantage of the five elements. In the PK field, the five elements of fire have greatly reduced the damage caused by the five elements. After being placed on the plate, the flesh is scary, so many teams have also launched a lineup of fire fighting in order to target the scorpion and the phoenix. Okay, I’ve taken stock of these pets, my friends, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting content, see you in the next issue.