Westward Journey 2: Inventory of the five mythical beasts suitable for standing! There is one surprising

The Indiscriminate Hegemony Tournament has now entered the preliminary stage of preparation. Many PK enthusiasts have also invested in the PK trial. In PK, the most important material is the summoned beast, and the indiscriminate PK competition is no exception. Let’s talk to everyone, what are the summoned beasts that are suitable for standing in the indiscriminate PK match.

Top1, waves wash the sand

In PK, many old irons will treat Lang Taosha as an attack pet, especially when it is matched with the Awakening Skill of Dancing Crazy Blade, Lang Taosha’s lethality is absolutely first-class in the field of attack pets. However, with the improvement of characters targeting dragons, dodging and anti-physical, the damage of Lang Taosha in PK is slightly scratched. However, if Langtaosha wants to be a blood pet, it is indeed a good station. Why do you say that? First of all, the blood of Langtaosha is relatively high, and secondly, the five elements of Langtaosha belong to gold. As we all know, in PK, the general team is mostly wood and water, and the teams such as gold, soil, and fire are relatively speaking. slightly less. Therefore, the anti-injury effect of Langtaosha is better.

Top2, Sword Elf

Sword Elf, among many mythical beasts, Xuechu is not the highest, but relying on its own advantages in the five elements, the ability to resist injuries can be regarded as relatively strong. The reason why this summoned beast can resist injuries is similar to that of rushing to the sand. A pure-blooded sword elf can also reach more than 550,000 blood.

Top3, Dalu

Dalu is a mythical beast, more friends will use it as a second, but in fact, Dalu is indeed a good standing pet. First of all, Dalu has enough blood, which is better than the previous Standing pet Chuiyun Sou has 160 blood at the beginning, followed by Dalu’s five elements. Under normal circumstances, the golden five elements occupy half of the proportion, which can reduce some skill damage of gram water and gram wood. If you want to kill him after adding the buff, it is really not an easy task.

Top4, lion and scorpion

Griffin can be regarded as a veteran beast on the PK battlefield. In the early years, the PK team can see the figure of Griffin standing everywhere. Once some teams were transformed to overcome the fire in order to get the Griffin, but With the opening of the Lingxi system, summoned beasts such as the scorpion and the phoenix have also begun to move towards magic pets.

Top5, Feixuan

With the advent of the six-art beast Feixuan, the figure of this beast appeared in the queue of summoning beasts in the starting station. Feixuan took the lead with his passive skills, which can resist a lot of fatal damage, and the awakening skills are reborn in a hundred battles. , but also make its passive skill effect bigger and stronger. Another secret of Feixuan that is suitable for standing is in his size. Due to Feixuan’s size, many small partners often point to him when they cast spells from units in the back row, so using him to stand is invisible. Also protect the master. Well, after taking stock of these beasts that are suitable for standing, which gods do you think are suitable for standing? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss.