Westward Journey 2: Inventory of the common lineups in the indiscriminate competition! Which combination is better

After more than half a month of preparatory work, the Indiscriminate Hegemony Tournament has begun in a mighty manner. Today, I will spend a little time to take stock of the lineups that players may encounter in this year’s Indiscriminate Hegemony Competition.

In the drills in recent days, the most common blood team lineup is this combination of women and dragons, and in previous years’ games, this lineup has also achieved relatively good results, and there is no difference between two consecutive games. In the hegemony competition, the combination of a dragon and a woman finally won the championship throne. , The character’s own dodging and resistance are all targeted, and they have to be guarded.

There is also a lineup that is specially designed for women. This kind of strong team mainly uses devils or ghosts as strong units. The blood volume is not very high, and the speed is faster than some regular blood teams. It is mainly aimed at the blood team. Women, the attack damage may not be very significant, but after staring at women, they must be attached to the shots, so that women have no way to output poison, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing their own injuries. If it is purebred output, I personally think that demons are much easier to use than ghosts, especially when they are powerfully matched with sleepers, they have miraculous effects on the battlefield.

There is also a two-woman lineup, which can also be encountered in indiscriminate arenas. The advantage of such a lineup is that there can be 3 defensive units on the field at the same time. The team works wonders. Ordinary blood teams will be beaten to death by the poison method if they are not careful, and it is not easy for a two-woman team to resist the firepower. Even if there is a female ghost, one of the female ghost’s forbidden spells will be destroyed, and there will be another unit that can output , However, this kind of team is not easy to kill, suitable for protracted battles, but it is somewhat difficult to kill summoned beasts, there is no firepower or dragons and ghosts come simply and neatly.

The indiscriminate team of Min, with strong firepower, is considered a tough dish, especially the Min team with the second method, which has added some firepower to kill. The injury is relatively weak, and it is not very good for protracted battles. So encounter Min team, the final outcome will not have too much suspense. I don’t know what lineups you have encountered in the indiscriminate preparation stage? You can leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting content, see you in the next issue. I wish the friends who participated in the indiscriminate competition to win the championship.