Westward Journey 2: Indiscriminate hegemony, how do men fit? Hear what players have to say

Sensitive men are an indispensable unit in the undifferentiated PK arena. In today’s article, I will share with you some of the matching methods of sensitive men, hoping to be helpful to all of you.

When it comes to this kind of game without distinction, the biggest feature is that you can do whatever you want, you can match the equipment as you want, the tactical policy is whatever you want, and even the summoned beasts are whatever you want. If you don’t play cards according to the routine, you will have more chances of winning. Sensitive man, the meaning of its existence is to control the summoned beasts in the front row. If he wants to empty the high-resistance units in the back row, the probability of failure is much higher than the probability of success. If you simply go to the front row of ice to summon beasts, you don’t need to be too high to ignore ice. Simple weapons are almost enough.

There are no so-called no-attribute, no-level, and bone-setting stunts in the undifferentiated server. The stunts are only the high tricks on the shoes, the revival incense on the amulet, and the mandala. The weapons of the sensitive man can only be selected. Tier 5 weapons with no attribute requirements. This weapon has a lower ignorance resistance than a 500 bone weapon. But the speed is the fastest among the fifth-order immortals. Next, in the indiscriminate server, the early immortals have blue characters and attributes ignore ice. Now they seem to be banned, so the additional speed can be used directly. As for the refining of weapons, it is also an attribute of additional speed.

In the undifferentiated server, the shoes are directly assigned to a pair of level 5 lotus silk. Compared with previous years, the equipment has been opened a lot, and the equipment of level 5 lotus silk and level 5 pacing can be obtained.

Looking at the amulet again, this directly replaces the attributes of ignoring the seal and strengthening the seal with additional speed and agility.

The necklace is also a refining tool to directly add the additional speed of the three attributes. It is not necessary to arrange to ignore the mixed 4. The baby is basically not very resistant to ice, so ignoring the seal attribute is enough. The refining device of the set gives him additional speed and passive. Arrange it quickly

There is no need for a star card to create double ignoring and anti-blocking attributes, directly with agility, additional speed supernatural power, ignoring anti-icing, 14 points of strength of weapons, plus 3 points of ignoring anti-icing of suits, and then adding gems Ignore anti-blocking 4.2, the 21-point ignore anti-ice obtained from this patchwork, the ice opponent character is not easy to deal with, but the ice baby has a significant effect. I don’t know how everyone’s men are matched? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting, see you in the next issue.