Westward Journey 2: Bright Light Set VS Can Dream Set! Who is the magic damage ceiling

The indiscriminate hegemony competition is in full swing, so in no difference, the stake may be the worst NPC. Every day, we have to meet the artillery attack of different characters. I talked to you about the assembly of the immortal race. Today, let’s make the equipment again. Adjust, let’s see the effect of Mingguang suit.

The Mingguang suit has been fine-tuned on the basis of the original Canmeng suit. The basic equipment is still the same as the previous Canmeng suit, except that the shoes have been replaced from the 16-level high-level equipment to the 5th-level lotus silk, which lost 16 points of strength. There is not much adjustment to the equipment in other parts, but the Mingguang suit itself has a strong counter effect with a bonus of 100%, so it is equivalent to an increase of 84 points of strong counter effect than before. So, in the case of the same equipment, the same star card, the same star formation, the same child, and the same transformation card, which one has the advantage between the Mingguang suit and the Canmeng suit?

When the firepower triggered the spiritual explosion, the Mingguang sleeve caused 774,000 violent damage and 260,000 holy damage to the stake; in a flat second state, it caused 400,000 damage and 140,000 holy damage to the target. Say, isn’t that still 260,000 damage, so I have to mention the immortal’s method of breaking the wall, the immortal’s wall-breaking skills, when using the immortal method, can be increased and converted into holy damage, 260,000 damage to the target , it has 260,000 base damage and added 140,000 holy damage, and causing 400,000 damage to the target converts 140,000 of the damage into holy damage. This is the reason for the difference in the damage of fairy spells.

Without the effect of Wuxingke, the base damage of the Mingguang suit is 100,000, and the violent damage is 200,000. This does not trigger the effect of spiritual explosion. At this time, the child did not trigger Jiang Feng’s fishing fire and Fanghua’s peerless talent.

When the character takes action, under the conditions of five elements, child talent and spiritual explosion, the fairy wearing the bright light suit can cause 845,000 violent damage and 440,000 flat second damage to the stake. This is considered the most perfect state, of course, there is no opening of the door, there may be some small flaws.

Next, wash the stat points for the fairy and replace the Canmeng suit. The biggest feature of the Canmeng suit is that the damage is calculated based on spirituality. The higher the spirituality, the greater the damage. After some big bosses tested the conclusion , 609’s spirituality is the trigger point of Canmeng suit performance. When its own spirituality is lower than this value, Cangmeng’s effect is not very obvious. On the basis of the original equipment, this fairy has achieved spirituality of 1421. At this time, the fire damage caused to the stake was 673,000 berserk and 353,000 per second. Without triggering the spiritual explosion, it can be seen that the gap between the Cangmeng suit and the Mingguang suit is relatively obvious. The difference is 50,000 damage. Obviously, the Mingguang suit has some advantages.

When the skill is released, the spiritual explosion damage is triggered. It can be seen that the violent damage to the stake with gram reached 911,000, and the most holy damage reached 316,000; the average second damage reached 477,000, and the most holy damage reached 165,000.

Cannon Dream Cannon can cause 130,000 basic damage and 250,000 frenzy damage to the stake without the tick, and this damage is done without triggering the spiritual explosion.

When the fire spell is output, and the conditions for the child to activate talent, spirit explosion, target tik, and open the magic door, the Candream suit can cause 988,000 violent damage and 510,000 ordinary second damage to the target. The above shows the Mingguang suit and the Cangmeng suit. The two most common suits of the immortal race show the state under the same equipment configuration, which shows that the damage of the light suit is very intuitive. It can be released perfectly under certain conditions. In conclusion, which suit do you think is the best to use? Which suit is the damage ceiling? I feel that no matter what kind of suit it is, it is the most important thing that suits my current state.