Westward Journey 2: 16-level high-end equipment to create a Taihao style cannon! civilians are useful

When it comes to the suits of the immortals, after years of development, a variety of gameplays have been developed by the old irons. Among them, the Taihao Cannon has played a great role in dungeons and daily life. Let’s take advantage of the convenience provided by the undifferentiated PK game. Take everyone to chat, Taihao Cannon’s outfit collocation.

On the market, the weapons of the main wind method are still dominated by high-level 16-level equipment. After all, many people are still using the high-level equipment of level 16 to go to Asura and foreign countries. Of course, the price of wind method weapons is not very cheap. The lowest price of Fengfa Keshui equipment on the market has reached 2888. Many brothers will start to say that such equipment cannot be used by ordinary players at all. The violent weapons are still easy to find in the Treasure Pavilion. The approximate price is around 200, but the damage effect is not very explosive.

Let’s take a look at the clothes and hats to be matched with the Downwind Artillery. In terms of the matching of clothes and hats, Yixin recommends everyone to choose level 15 equipment. The biggest advantage of level 15 equipment is double resistance and double strong spells, which can make up for some resistance. Inadequate, in addition, if the attributes of the equipment refining strong grams 24 are not easy to find, you can choose the refining attributes of strong grams 20. In comparison, the market price of such equipment is about 200 meters.

In terms of necklace selection, the market price of the necklaces with strong gram water 52 and wind element fury 8 is around 650. Many friends are a little nervous when they see such a price, but the strong gram effect is 40 plus the wind element rage 8. The refining necklace, 100 meters on the market, can be easily solved.

Let’s look at the choice of amulets, the basis for enhancing the gram effect, refining generally ignores wind, and strengthening wind refining is easier to find, and the price is higher. If the level 7 amulet fails to achieve the achievement, you can also use the level 4 amulet. The market price of such amulet is about 60-70 meters, and you can find it in the treasure pavilion of this server. Not a scarce commodity.

Let’s look at the Star Cards. For the level 16 high-level guns, the Star Cards that ignore the wind and strong wind are more suitable. Of course, if there are friends who go to the level route, then the Star Card can be replaced by the level. .

Finally, match a set of Ziyang suit rings to increase your own enhanced wind method. The biggest advantage of the Ziyang suit is to increase its own neglect resistance and strong wind method at the same time. Two or so rings can increase your own enhanced wind attribute, and can be used with other suits to gain. overlay.

For the Tai Hao suit, continuous shots are the prerequisite for damage. Continuous skills, in the case of continuous shots, the damage increases, 5 rounds in a cycle, and when the 6th round is shot, the damage returns to the first shot. status. Tai Hao is a suit that is more suitable for civilians, and does not eat much equipment. Whether it is flat seconds or violent, the damage is considerable. What do you guys think about this? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area.