Westbrook Lakers’ first career substitute James highly praised after the game

  On October 29, Beijing time, Russell Westbrook came off the bench today, the first time in his career since his rookie season. James was pleased with his performance after the game.

  Although the Lakers lost to the Timberwolves, Westbrook, who came off the bench, did well and scored 18 points. Still unsatisfactory from beyond the arc, making 1 of 4 shots.

  After the opening, Westbrook missed all the first 5 shots, but then gradually regained his feeling. Since then, he has made 4 consecutive shots, including a 6-0 shot by one person.

  After the game, James also said that Westbrook, “He’s great,” James said, “He became our strong thrust, and the performance was very good.”

  Although James is somewhat polite, Westbrook’s performance is indeed better than when he started. And regardless of the data, Westbrook was full of energy throughout the game, and he did not resist because of playing off the bench.

  Sadly, the Lakers still lost. (Angkor)

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