Westbrook doesn’t fight, how can the Lakers still lose?

  I don’t know if you have heard this joke: “The employee who offended the leader was fired the next day because he stepped into the office with his left foot first.”

  In the new season, Westbrook seems to be the employee who offended the leader. Since the start of the game, there have been many abuses against him. Almost everyone thinks that he destroyed this aristocratic giant. All the problems stem from It started when Westbrook came to the Lakers.

  Now, even Westbrook dancing happily into the arena will be criticized by fans for being shameless…

  However, Westbrook should really dance happily today, because the Lakers continue to use ugly game content to prove that he is just an innocent scapegoat.

  ”Why do you still lose without me?”

  The Lakers’ new season has indeed changed, but from “bad” to “super bad.”

  They are the only two teams with a 4-game losing streak, and the other is a rotten Magic.

  However, the Magic smashed because they had a chance to get Vinbanyama, but the Lakers didn’t have a first-round pick next year. They lost not because they wanted to smash, but because they were really sloppy…

  How bad are the Lakers?

  In this basketball version of scoring as simple as drinking water, the Lakers’ offense seems to have returned to the poor offense era 20 years ago. There is only one team in the league that scores less than 100 points per 100 possessions, and that is the Lakers.

  The Lakers have only scored 97.1 points per 100 possessions, which is also one of the few in the past 20 years. Only the Bobcats in 2012 and the 76ers in 2015 accompanied the Lakers.

  However, the 2012 Bobcats only won seven games, and the 2015 76ers only won 18 games.

  Even more ridiculous is that they are not much worse than the Lakers (Bobcats 95.2, 76ers 95.5). Moreover, the impact of score inflation has not been factored into this period. If you count this, the Lakers may be nailed to the worst shame column in history…

  Only after the tide receded did it become known who was swimming naked. Without a scapegoat, fans’ fantasies about the Lakers were shattered.

  In this game without Westbrook, the Lakers still look like they can’t support the wall with mud. In addition to Davis, there is no other reliable scoring point on the offensive end, and the average three-point shooting rate in the four games is only 22.3%.

  You can make excuses when you say that you are not good at attacking, such as your hand feel, such as the poor running-in of new teammates, but if you are not good at defending, it can only be a matter of attitude.

  What the Lakers do properly is an attitude issue. This team does not have any enthusiasm at all, nor does it have any leadership role.

  James? Even though he is one of the greatest players in history, the problem of directing traffic on the defensive end is there. Do the younger brothers still have the motivation to pour enthusiasm when they see that even the elder brother is in a hurry?

  In the third quarter, the Lakers were beaten by the Nuggets with an ugly 17-32 finish. They were like fish on the chopping block. As long as the Nuggets had strength, they would be arbitrarily manipulated.

  You can even see at the end of the game how negative James was in the end. After the team failed to attack many times and made mistakes, he simply shot three-pointers from beyond the arc.

  As if to say, “This game is broken, what else is there to play?”

  But don’t forget who is the leader of this team. And what you are is what the team is.

  Are the Lakers so bad just because their pitchers can’t shoot? Is it because Davis is always injured? Is it because the Westbrook cliff slipped?

  They’re just mud ideas that the team splashes up when they’re struggling in the quagmire. The problem isn’t that the mud ideas get your clothes dirty, it’s how did you fall into the mud puddle?

  In the final analysis, the most far-reaching influence on the team can only be the person who has the most discourse power on the team. Sure, you can complain about the lack of pitchers, and you can complain about the lack of power, but first of all, it’s all built around you as the core, and the team will be who you are.

  When you get better, the team gets better.

  To change the status quo, only self-improvement.


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