Werewolf Killing Beginners Raiders, please check!

Werewolf killing has always had a lot of rich and interesting boards, but complex boards are often dazzling. This time, I will show you the basic rules of werewolf killing. As long as you master these basic rules, even complex boards can set formulas!

Usually, the most basic board in werewolf killing, and the board that more players will choose is the board with the priesthood as prophet, hunter, witch and fool. Once we meet and say “let’s kill a werewolf”, there is no special indication of which ones exist. In the case of the priesthood, this is all that is said.

Then let’s talk about the basic rules in this board.

Since it is a game, there must be conditions for winning the game. In the werewolf killing, there will be two camps, one is the werewolf camp, and the other is the good people camp, which belongs to the camp confrontation style. The interesting thing is that the results of the werewolf killing game are usually only 0 and 1, which means that either the good person wins, or The werewolf wins.

Of course, there will also be third-party camps in some boards, and we will not discuss them here for the time being.

The victory conditions for the two factions are different.

When you belong to the good camp, whether you are a civilian or a priest, you have to find a way to find all the werewolves and eliminate them in order to win the game.

When you belong to the werewolf camp, you have two choices, one is to let all the priests out, the other is to let all the civilians out, which is what we commonly call “slaughtering”, either of these two methods can be completed. Victory.

Does it sound easy? Not so.

There is actually information asymmetry in the game. That is to say, the numbers of the two camps and the acquisition of information are inconsistent.

Among the players in the good camp, priests often have some special skills to assist their own side, while civilian players account for the majority, but they only have the right to vote.

Werewolf players can usually get more information at night, which gives them a natural advantage, but in the same way, their number is much smaller than that of good people, forming a delicate balance, so the game in the werewolf killing game That’s how it started.

So the next game flow is to use the various information given on the field, including the player’s speech, etc., to determine the identity of each person as much as possible. After the identity is known, they are trying to lobby teammates. Sending people from the opposing camp out of the game is the fun of the werewolf killing game.

This time, we will come here first! Next time, let’s talk about how to win in the basic board~