Wenjie reduced the price by 8000 in disguised form; Meizu car system was officially announced; Hengchi is finally about to deliver

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Meizu officially announced FlymeAuto to enter the smart cockpit; the country will promote the removal of the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city, and the full lifting of pickup trucks is just around the corner? Tesla cuts prices, AITO asks the world to offer discounts in disguise, will other car companies follow? The Hengchi 5 is a near miss, and the first batch of commercial models will be delivered soon.

Okay, not much more to say, the following Xiaodao brother will chat with you about the new things happening in the car circle this week.

First, the Meizu car system FlymeAuto is here

Recently, Meizu posted job postings involving automobile manufacturing on a recruitment website. The topic of Meizu Technology’s plans to build a car has aroused heated discussions on the Internet. Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely, responded on social media: “Meizu does not build cars, but only provides services for car companies.” With the fermentation of online topics, Meizu also took advantage of the trend Announced the FlymeAuto vehicle system.

According to the official introduction of Meizu, Flyme Auto is the continuation of Meizu Flyme in the smart cockpit. It will continue the Alive Design design concept, incarnate as a partner with you, perceive and understand your needs, and establish a relationship between people, people and things, things and things. The interconnection and intercommunication between things will eventually realize multi-terminal, full-scene, and immersive integration experience.

More concise, more efficient and smarter, Meizu hopes to give FlymeAuto a sense of dynamism and vitality that is different from traditional car machines, and also hopes that it will bring unprecedented smart travel to Meiyou and more smart car users in the near future. experience.

In July this year, Hubei Xingji Times, a subsidiary of Geely, officially announced the acquisition of Meizu. Geely’s intention is also obvious, that is, to develop a smart car system based on Meizu’s previous experience in making mobile phone systems. It is impossible for Meizu to build a car. Yang Xueliang’s words also confirm this. What Meizu wants to do and only needs to do is FlymeAuto to provide services for car companies. With the empowerment of Geely, Meizu also has a new development prospect in the car system.

Road car please be careful

A few years ago, Meizu’s Flyme system was one of the few domestic mobile phone brands that could compete with Xiaomi’s MIUI system. So this time Meizu has also made a breakthrough in the car system? Meizu’s model that only serves car companies and does not build cars is somewhat similar to Huawei’s model. Huawei Hongmeng has also received a good market response. Can Meizu FlymeAuto become the next Huawei Hongmeng in the car system? We will wait and see~

2. The state further promotes the cancellation of the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city

From April to May this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Further Unleashing Consumption Potential and Promoting the Continued Recovery of Consumption” and the “Notice on a Package of Policies and Measures to Consolidate and Stabilize the Economy”. Refine management and study to further relax restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city.”

On October 26, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice on the distribution of key tasks and division of labor for the 10th national video and teleconference on deepening the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, managing services”, and mentioning pickups again in the specific measures of Article 14 of the convenience service measures.

The notice calls for extending the time allowed for trucks to pass on urban roads, relaxing the tonnage restrictions, promoting the cancellation of the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city, expanding the range and extending the passing time of new energy distribution trucks, and further facilitating the passage of trucks on urban roads.

As a multi-functional and practical pickup truck, it was previously classified as a light general truck, but most cities in China have strictly restricted the drivable area, route and time of trucks. With the continuous strengthening of the national policy level to release pickup trucks into the city, the comprehensive lifting of pickup trucks may have become the general trend.

Road car please be careful

At present, more and more cities are relaxing the requirements for pickup. The pickup truck market has a good demand. With the full lifting of the ban on pickup trucks, the pickup truck market has a bright future. In the hot new energy vehicle market, many car companies have also launched new energy pickups. Great Wall, Changan, Wuling, and Geely, which have a high market share in the pickup market, can finally show their talents after gradually relaxing restrictions. .

3. Follow Tesla? Ask the world to reduce the price by 8000 in disguised form

On October 24, Tesla’s two popular models, Model Y and Model 3, all had official price cuts, ranging from 14,000 yuan to 37,000 yuan. The 37,000 yuan drop is Tesla’s largest official price cut. Just as the old car owners have expressed their dissatisfaction, they have spontaneously organized to defend their rights. Other car fans are guessing whether other manufacturers will follow suit.

On October 25th, AITO Wenjie Auto, a joint venture between Huawei and Celis, followed Tesla to cut prices. Both its M5 and M7 models have started price reduction promotions, and they can directly reduce the price of 8,000 yuan when paying the final payment. Although Huawei subsequently denied that the so-called “price reduction of 8,000 yuan” was only an insurance reduction for some models, this disguised subsidy can also be regarded as a price reduction.

Car companies choose to cut prices is undoubtedly the most effective way to increase sales. Tesla has set a higher growth target for the whole year. In conversion, Tesla’s sales this year will reach at least 1.5 million vehicles, but the first three quarters of this year have passed, and Tesla will deliver about 600,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter. To achieve this goal, 600,000 vehicles are not a small number. In addition, the products launched by domestic new energy vehicle companies are more distinctive, which has also taken away a group of customers to a certain extent, which has brought a lot of impact.

Road car please be careful

Although the price reduction is so strong, it is not a big deal for Tesla, which has a net profit of more than $10,000 per car. In contrast, many domestic new energy car companies even sell one at a loss. To play the price card, Tesla undoubtedly has more room for price reduction. Tesla’s price cut this time has made the competition in the domestic new energy vehicle market more intense. Apart from the disguised subsidies offered by AITO, will there be other car companies to follow? We look forward to how other domestic new energy vehicle companies will respond.

4. The first delivery of Hengchi 5 has entered the countdown

After several bounces, the Hengchi 5 was finally officially launched in mid-August. However, the new car has also experienced twists and turns. It didn’t take long for the Internet to rumor that Evergrande would be acquired and the factory would be shut down. However, the president later refuted the rumor and officially mass-produced it. Wire. This time, Hengchi Auto finally reached the key point of delivery.

Recently, some bloggers broke the news on social media that the first batch of commercial vehicles of Hengchi 5 has started to depart yesterday and will be shipped to all parts of the country for delivery. At the same time, 3 pictures of Hengchi 5 leaving the factory were also released. The photos showed that the first batch of Hengchi 5 new cars were loaded on large trucks and were ready to leave the factory. The staff held a departure ceremony.

In this way, Liu Yongzhuo, president of Hengchi Automobile, once said that Hengchi 5 will be mass-produced in September and delivered in October. Hengchi Automobile also stated that the first batch of 10,000 vehicles will be delivered by the first quarter of next year. After the first batch is delivered, it will depend on whether the production capacity of Hengchi Auto can keep up.

Road car please be careful

Hengchi Auto is destined to attract attention since its establishment. Whether it is listed or mass-produced, it has gone through twists and turns. Hengchi 5, which has finally started to be delivered, can’t relax. It was revealed that its orders were too watery as soon as it was listed, and many second-hand trading platforms appeared. With the phenomenon of reordering, consumers still have a bad impression of Hengchi Auto, and it is still necessary to gradually improve consumers’ confidence in Hengchi brand in terms of product strength in the follow-up.

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