Wendi Deng’s daughter is in love, her boyfriend’s family background is good, and the resources of the upper East Side ladies are absolutely amazing…

Wendi Deng’s eldest daughter Grace recently officially announced her boyfriend. She posted a photo of her boyfriend on ins, and the two were so happy that they were blurry↓↓

The people are very curious about who this H is. His name is Hugo Carney. Like Grace, he is a student of Yale University↓↓

This Hugo is not an ordinary person either. His father is Jay Carney, who was the White House spokesman of the Obama administration. and communications supervisor.

Hugo himself is amazing, not just as a student, but as the co-founder and CEO of a Washington-based tech start-up. 18 talents, even formed a band, went to the White House to perform, do you want to be so versatile?

On ins, Grace also posted an intimate photo of her boyfriend ↓↓

The years are quiet in the hammock on the campus↓↓

Time flies so fast, in Guamin’s impression, Wendi Deng’s two daughters are still children, and in a blink of an eye, everyone is looking for boyfriends. Like many girls of the same age, Grace loves to post ins and to post pictures. In her ins, Guamin can see the life of a lady in the Upper East Side of New York.

1. Top allocation resources

Grace was born in New York on November 20, 2001, and will turn 21 next month. As the daughter of Murdoch and Wendi Deng, she was educated in a prestigious school since she was a child.

Before college, she attended the Brearley School, a private girls’ school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2008, Mo revealed that Grace was going to another private school in New York, but he was worried that the school was a second-generation, rich-for-you school. not good.

Lao Mo arranged for someone to contact former President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy, who graduated from Brearley School and is a member of the school board. She personally wrote a letter recommending Sister Grace to enroll.

Entering Brearley School means entering a safe. This school has a 12-year system. The official website shows that the annual optical fee is $51,000, excluding miscellaneous fees and various activities.

The school’s ethos is very rigorous, and it is known as “the most challenging girls’ school in the United States”, with 50% of graduates entering the Ivy League.

This is what Grace looks like when she just entered the school gate, the meat is so cute↓↓

Graduated in 2020, has become a big girl↓↓

She posted her graduation certificate with a sunny smile↓↓

Wendi Deng also held a graduation party at home↓↓

After a year of gap year, Grace entered Yale University last year to study humanities↓↓

Her sister Chloe entered Stanford, and both sisters went to prestigious schools↓↓

In addition to schools, the internship jobs they are looking for are also full of top resources.

Before she was 21 years old, Grace had already worked as a news intern at The Wall Street Journal and a producer assistant at Fox News. Her father was a media tycoon and went to the media for an intern.

In addition, she worked as a sales assistant for 2 months at goop.com founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, and as a public relations assistant at Charlotte Tilbury’s company for 2 months. Her mother is a frequent visitor in the fashion circle. Getting an internship is a matter of minutes.

Grace even went to WeWork as a real estate development intern for 2 months. The scope of this internship is beyond the reach of her peers.

2. Human resources

For Grace, the most important network resource is her dad. Although their parents divorced, the two sisters spent most of their time in New York with Wendi Deng, but their father’s thighs had to be hugged.

Every March 11th is my father’s birthday, send a father and daughter filial piety: my favorite person↓↓

There was a wave of group photos when I was a child: I am so lucky to be your daughter↓↓

A wave of top rainbow farts: Dad, without you, the world would not be like this↓↓

Even if it’s not your birthday, you should seize every opportunity to blow your father down↓↓

The activities of the Murdoch family are inseparable from the sisters. When Murdoch and Hall were still together, Grace often vacationed with them↓↓

Later, Murdoch and Hall divorced. At the wedding of Murdoch’s granddaughter in July this year, Hall was nowhere to be seen, and the Grace sisters were still standing behind Lao Mo’s iron sons and daughters, running water wife, this is the The power of blood.

It doesn’t matter if my parents divorce, I will always be my father’s daughter↓↓

Wendi Deng and Murdoch did not share much property in the divorce, but the two daughters were divided into an independent trust fund, which was managed by Deng Wendi.

In 2019, Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox was acquired by Disney, and the family trust received about $12 billion. According to the property distribution standard, the two sisters each received $2 billion. With Murdoch’s surname, there are many people who can’t work hard for a few lifetimes.

In addition to the father, the mother’s flattery must also be filmed.

From time to time, I post some photos of my mother when I was young, and I coaxed the old mother to send 9 hearts in a row↓↓

There is also a group photo when I was a child ↓↓ It turns out that such a literacy map is also hung on the wall of the Chaohao family. . .

With my father’s banknote ability and my mother’s social cow physique, it is so easy to broaden my network.

Going to met gala to walk the red carpet at a young age↓↓

Just po a picture on ins, there are Russian first lady Dasha Zhukova to like it↓↓

Black Pearl Naomi to show love↓↓

Take a photo with Zhang Ziyi, who will stand in the C position↓↓

Sister Murdoch and Sister Kardashian ↓↓ To tell the truth, these two in the middle also worked very hard. They became billionaires at a young age, but if they only talked about money, they still couldn’t beat the two who lay next to them and won. Someone.

3. Celebrity life

Looking at Grace’s ins, I’m not on vacation, or I’m having fun with my friends. The days of celebrities are also very good~

A vacation place, at first glance, is exclusive to the rich, no one else↓↓

Taking a photo with a friend, at first glance, it is the same celebrity, but I didn’t run away↓↓

Although she is a player in the slightly fat world, Grace is very keen to post her photos, youth is capital↓↓

Looking for an angle, it’s still pretty ↓↓

Dress up well, you can also show the true colors of celebrities↓↓

In all fairness, at the level of Grace, if you want to gallop in the fashion circle like Jobs’ daughter or the Kardashian sisters, there is still a lack of enthusiasm, and sister Chloe seems to be more suitable↓↓

But the power of capital, who can say for sure?

Born with a golden key in her hand, she has grown accustomed to the entanglement of interests in the upper class since she was a child. What her future will be like is really curious~

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