Wen Bixia’s first-class cabin encounter is signed by chance, wearing a suspender skirt in cold weather is less than that of a flight attendant, she wants grace not temperature

In daily life, shirts, a panacea item, have always played a very good role, especially for women who love beauty, shirts can be used both as a mainstream item and as a decoration, not because of style. It is simple, but lowers the charm of fashion, especially when combined with those sexy clothes, it is very beautiful.

There are many female stars who can dress up in the entertainment industry, but it is rare to see people like Wen Bixia. Wen Bixia, who has been in her 50s for decades after her debut, still regards herself as a woman in her 30s, especially wearing this one, a handful of Every time she shows up at her age, she is particularly eye-catching. She has a sweet and salty style. I believe that she is a woman in her early 30s. It is so beautiful.

Dressing Tips: Silk Shirts

Advantages: light and soft, no workplace style

Whether the shirt looks good or not, the style is still quite important. In the past, we thought that the shirt was too veneer for the workplace, that is, the style was too veneer and unattractive. Both fashion elements and textures are relatively simple, but modern trends pay great attention to details. It is a solid color single product and it is very attractive.

This time Wen Bixia was signed by chance in the first class cabin. In the choice of clothing, this sister chose a solid-color shirt top, but the silk style was worn on her body, which made her feel very comfortable. Compared with traditional shirts, it was simply Different,

Tips for dressing: open the hem, not button

Advantages: no sense of restraint, but also show the figure

In order to look good in a shirt, in addition to the style, the way of dressing is also very important. In the past, when we chose shirts, they were all closed-style dresses. Not to mention the veneer, they also felt very restrained, which was not conducive to concave shape. Now it is different. , open the hem of the clothes, or less buttons, not only can show the figure, but also increase the beauty of the shape.

Wen Bixia’s way of dressing is always so eye-catching. This time in first class, my sister deliberately left the hem of her clothes open, not buttoned, revealing the fragrant shoulders and inner straps, making the shape very feminine, and she also completely got rid of the shirt. That cheap feeling.

Wearing tips: wear inside a suspender skirt

Advantages: sweet and sexy, with grace not temperature

The reason why shirts have such a high upper body rate now is that the matching between clothes is also a major advantage of it. In the past, it was either a suit or trousers, which looked very mature, but now it is different. Women can play with their clothes. Missing, or wearing a suspender skirt, make the shape look very feminine. Completely masked the mature sense of formality.

In terms of matching, Wen Bixia is also very good at concave shape at her age. She wears an open hem and wears a suspender dress. The style is short to the bottom of the legs. In the cold weather, she does not forget to show off her figure. She really wants to be graceful and not warm.

Dressing tips: red lips and long hair

Pros: Masks the real state

Makeup and hair are essential details in women’s dressing, especially if older women lose these, it is easy to reveal their true state, but it should not be too complicated. It is not worth the loss for women to increase the difficulty. Simple Just embellish it.

Wen Bixia has done a good job in this regard. The parted hair makes her face smaller, and the red lips and makeup look the same as the stewardess. She is younger than her, and her figure is also the same, very photogenic.

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