Well-known stand-alone media: The novice village of Adverse Water Cold mobile game lingers like The Witcher 3 White Orchard

NetEase’s “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game recently completed a 7-day online test. All the media and players who participated in the test agreed that this is the best game that combines MMO and open world!

Even many media believe that the game can be played as a stand-alone open world with sufficient content!

The well-known professional game media “Game Research Society” believes that playing the mobile game against the water in a stand-alone way can enjoy the fun of being alone.

3DM, a well-known stand-alone game media, said: “There has never been an MMO that allowed me to go shopping for six hours without leaving the Novice Village.”

And the well-known old stand-alone game media “Ranger.com” specifically praised: Taoxi Village (Novice Village) in the game can be compared with White Orchard in “The Witcher 3”!

Is the open world of Adverse Water Cold mobile game really as magical as these media say? Xiaobian also participated in the online first test, to give you a general introduction.

First of all, starting from Taoxi Village, an open world with a huge number of puzzles is coming. Almost every two or three steps will have a puzzle – treasure chests, NPC interaction, element response puzzle solving and other exploration elements, every 100 steps, there will almost be a large cave, which contains a large number of series of puzzles, can It is extremely rich to get very crucial martial arts cheats.

What’s even more exciting is that the exploration and puzzle solving does not give “mosquito legs”, but real martial arts, equipment, and some even stunts! (Older players who have played terminal games may know that a stunt is worth more than a thousand yuan).

Let’s take some practical examples. For example, when they first came to Novice Village, Auntie Xie at the entrance of the village reminded players to add incense.

After the incense, you can find a martial arts cheat book called “Royal Earth Sealing Mountain” next to the statue of the land! This cheat is a basic soil skill, which can release a mound in front of it, which can resist the ballistic skills of the enemy and BOSS.

If this pile of soil is burned by fire elements, it will be reinforced and can withstand more damage – yes, as a standard in open world games, there are also rich elemental reactions between gold, wood, water, fire and soil in the game.

At the lakeside of Novice Village, if you use martial arts to make the biggest splash, you will also master a peculiar movement technique and directly comprehend the water element skill “Dragon Gets Water”.

When sitting on a sailboat or bamboo raft, release the fire in the opposite direction, or the blower can drive the boat in the opposite direction. The real physics engine feels very strong.

Just mentioned, not only basic skills, but even stunts are obtained from exploration. By chatting with NPCs, you can get some clues about the unique skills, and then follow the clues to find the treasure chest, you can get the unique skills! Even the very critical stunt in the dungeon, “Reversal of the Universe” in which all skill CDs are cleared!

Just in the novice village, there are nearly 300 puzzles and dozens of butterfly effect plots! And by solving these puzzles, you can get a lot of martial arts cheats, internal skills, equipment, and a lot of experience! That’s right, even if you don’t follow the progress of the main story, don’t go to the liver PVE dungeon, and don’t go to the PVP ranking, you can still make your level, equipment, and martial arts reach the level of T1 level, and you can train to full level in the novice village!

Adverse Water Cold mobile game has invested a lot of resources in the open world instead of mosquito legs, and truly achieved “returning the magic to the rivers and lakes”. Players expressed extreme shock.

With such a setting, no wonder the editors of 3DM will linger in Novice Village for 6 hours without leaving, no wonder the editors of Ranger.com will praise it as being comparable to The Witcher 3’s White Orchard!

Moreover, there are currently seven regions, each with nearly 300 puzzles, for a total of nearly 2,000 puzzles. Roughly estimated, it will take at least 100 hours to explore all these puzzles.

What’s more, the game also has the main plot performance of T1 level in domestic games. A small choice may not show its impact until many chapters later; and the player’s choice will really determine the life and death of the NPC character.

Looking at it this way, there is really no problem at all when playing the mobile game against the water as a stand-alone open world.