Well-known brand response: the entire network offline!

Source: Jimu News, Daily Economic News

In the digital screen of the intelligent lifting table,

There is a hidden camera.

Recently, self-proclaimed

“Intelligent lift home leader”

Lege shares were questioned by users to voyeurize privacy.

Lifting table hides camera

An article titled “Lego products have major hidden dangers, design defects are complained by users, and cameras are illegally installed to peep at users’ privacy”, which fermented online. According to previous media reports, some consumers have complained that a camera is secretly hidden in the digital screen of the Lego A9 smart lift platform they purchased, but the product itself does not need a camera.

Image source: Black Cat Complaint

Hidden camera? Is it possible to leak user privacy? On October 27th, Lege shares provided reporters with an updated response statement saying that all lift tables in the company do not have cameras, and only 4 models of smart screen belts in some lift tables (usually for office use, desk tables). There is a camera; secondly, the camera does not have the physical possibility of leaking user privacy such as shooting room privacy. It is used for heart rate measurement, and the installation angle is about 120 degrees upward from the horizontal line of the desktop height; the above 4 models of products have been released on October 26. 12 Offline the entire network before clicking.

On the evening of October 27th, Xiang Lehong, chairman of Lege, also “clawed grievances” in his video account, and said that the smart screen and contactless heart rate detection of the smart lift table (commercial desk table) are technological innovations. We will continue to pay attention to and improve the new problems brought about by technological innovation; we apologize for the inconvenience caused to the public by the camera this time, and will further explain the work. Do a good job in serving customers who return or exchange goods.

Image source: Screenshot of Xiang Lehong’s video account, chairman of Lege Co., Ltd.

Previously, the user complained, “The product itself does not need to use the camera, and the seller also agrees. Their answer is that the camera is idle. I want to ask, as a new product that has just been launched, why do you have to be kind since you don’t have a camera function? ‘Stealing a camera and not telling consumers on the product page? What’s the motive?”

There are several issues behind this. Does the product really need to install a camera? What is the purpose of installing the camera? Does the privacy leak that users worry about exist?

In the face of consumer complaints and public opinion fermentation, Lege shares responded twice. On October 19, the reply from Lege shares stated that the built-in camera of the smart screen that comes with the product is used for the contactless heart rate detection function developed by the company, in order to provide users with health value-added services. There are some compatibility problems in the local use of this product. For prudence, this function has been turned off, and the camera does not have the problem of stealing user privacy. If necessary, the company will submit the relevant code of the smart screen to an authoritative third-party platform for inspection and investigation, and promise not to abuse the device to access user privacy.

On October 27, Lege shares further responded, saying that the camera does not have the physical possibility of leaking user privacy such as shooting room privacy, which has been considered at the beginning of the design.

Image source: Screenshot of Xiang Lehong’s video account, chairman of Lege Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Lege Co., Ltd. emphasized that currently only 4 models of smart screens in some lifting platforms (usually for office use, desk tables) have cameras. In the privacy policy prompt when users register and use the smart screen, it is clearly informed that there is a camera, and the calculation is local. The user can only use the smart screen after agreeing to the privacy policy of the smart screen. At the same time, the heart rate detection function needs to be activated by the user in the smart screen every time the user uses it.

Image source: Screenshot of Xiang Lehong’s video account, chairman of Lege Co., Ltd.

Lege Co., Ltd. is a well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprise in China. Its main products include intelligent lifting tables, lifting tables and other products. It has transformed from a foreign trade company mainly focusing on OEM in the early years to a cross-border e-commerce enterprise that develops its own brands. In recent years, it has also Vigorously develop the domestic market.

The city’s supervisory department said it would report the matter

Can this product be returned normally? On October 28, the reporter contacted the official customer service of the Lego Lifting Table. The staff said that there are four existing products with cameras, “but the cameras of these four products will not spy on privacy.” The staff said that the current related products are all It can be returned unconditionally, and Lego will refund all the money and bear the shipping cost.

In the official flagship store of Lego, the reporter did not search for the above four controversial products.

The official customer service said that this time the A9 series products are removed from the shelves, which is a product update and has nothing to do with the heart rate monitoring function. The follow-up time of the series of products has not been announced yet, and “the technology will be further improved before it can be put on the shelves.”

At about 4 pm on the 28th, the reporter contacted the Yinzhou District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Ningbo City, where the headquarters of Lego shares is located. The staff said that they would give feedback on the relevant situation reported by netizens.