Weimar W6 is here, a more intelligent new energy vehicle, equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor

In recent years, the development momentum of new energy vehicles in my country has gradually become fierce. Although most people have certain skepticism about new energy vehicles, they are still more inclined to choose fuel vehicles. However, looking at the development trend of my country’s vehicle market from a macro perspective, it is believed that in the near future, new energy vehicles will eventually occupy half of my country’s automobile market. So you still need to know a little bit about this model. A few days ago, I saw the latest Weimar W6 at an auto show near my home. This car happens to be a typical example of new energy vehicles. Today, I just took this opportunity to take a good look at it with you.

The Weimar W6 has two different battery life versions of 520 kilometers and 620 kilometers. The one I am looking at today is the 2021 520 km ACE Extreme Edition. Let’s take a look at the shape of this car first. Its front is more rounded than other cars, and it doesn’t look aggressive. The brand logo in the middle is also very simple, consisting of 5 vertical lines of the same length in a wavy arrangement. And this logo has a power reminder function, you can know the charging status of the vehicle just by looking at the logo.

The shape of the headlights is like two small axes, with relatively rounded edges and corners, connected by the logo in the middle. The front lip is wrapped in silver chrome trim, which echoes the two tree-shaped chrome trims under the lights. The visuals are simple and clear, with a touch of cuteness.

Weimar W6 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, but its height is significantly higher than that of medium-sized SUVs of the same level, but its length is relatively short, making it look tall and fat. This car has a total of 8 body colors to choose from, 5 of which are standard, and the other 3 are optional, these three are Morning Green, Racing Orange and Fearless Green.

The overall shape of the body is relatively round and full, compared with other new energy SUVs, it is quite satisfactory, and even a little simple. However, this also has an advantage. The more classic and simpler, the less aesthetic fatigue will occur. This car has chosen a hidden door handle, which visually makes the car more integrated. If you approach the vehicle or press the groove position of the door handle, the handle will automatically pop up, which is more convenient to use.

The shape of the rear of the car and the overall style of the car have maintained a consistent style, which is simple and round. The car’s taillights are designed in one piece, with the car’s logo inlaid in the middle, and the recognition is clearer after the taillights are lit. In general, the shape of this car is quite satisfactory, simple and simple, and it is highly accepted by the public, but it seems to lack some of its unique style, and the sense of design is not very strong.

Next, let’s take a look at the internal design of the Weimar W6. This car has made a lot of effort in the interior. Like most new energy vehicles, it has removed the physical buttons, but it does not use an exaggerated large screen like other new energy vehicles, so it looks more low-key and advanced. Its instrument panel has three display modes, all of which allow drivers to obtain information clearly and intuitively, and the color and design of the instrument panel also exudes a somewhat advanced atmosphere.

Weimar W6 has a relatively high score in the same level of new energy vehicles, and its major advantage is that it is more intelligent. It is not only equipped with automatic parking like other new energy vehicles, but also has two functions of remote control parking assistance and self-learning parking. It is equipped with a special APP that allows car owners to enjoy the convenience of this car in all aspects. Users can complete items such as one-key quick inspection, charging service and maintenance through mobile phone operation. It has its own scene function, which can switch multiple scene modes, and owners like these can also customize it on the mobile APP.

The car I saw today is the WM Motor W6ACE Extreme Smart Edition. Its seat material is elegant, and it is made of leather, which is smooth and delicate, and has a good touch. It is also equipped with a heating function and a memory function for the main driver’s seat. The firmness of the seat is just right, but the angle is a bit odd. Because the seat angle is too reclined, the shoulders will be under greater pressure when riding. The interior space of the car is relatively ample, and the field of vision is relatively wide. An adult man with a height of 180 sits in the driver’s seat, and the space from his head to the roof is four fingers, which is completely sufficient.

Let’s take a look at how this car performs in terms of power. It is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 225 Nm. In terms of power, it has done a good job. Its acceleration state is very linear and smooth, and it is not abrupt at all, and the driver will not feel nervous and fearful when the power is released. Its battery life will vary in different seasons. In the winter when the temperature is low, the number of charging times will increase significantly compared with the summer and autumn when the temperature is high.

To sum up, the Weimar W6 as a new energy vehicle has both advantages and disadvantages. Compared with fuel vehicles, it is much cheaper to charge and has many smart designs, but in comparison, it lacks a lot of the excitement and driving fun that fuel vehicles bring to drivers. If you still have any ideas, we can discuss it together.