WE’s new debut debuted, replacing the “worth 15 million” assistant, really fighting to qualify for the World Championship

On October 29th, the Honor Cup S5 hosted by a fish was officially launched. A total of 10 teams participated in the Glory Cup, and as a frequent visitor to the Platform Cup, WE will naturally not be absent. Originally, WE’s participation in the Platform Cup was only a small matter, but it became a “big event” because of one of their actions. What’s the matter? It turned out that WE’s new starting lineup was unveiled in the Glory Cup. This time, they didn’t even hesitate to replace their 15 million assistants. It seems that WE really fought hard to qualify for the World Championship this time! What is the specific situation? Let’s find out together, shall we?

Before 2022, WE’s overall performance is actually quite disappointing. After all, their performance has been bad, and under this premise, they are still reluctant to spend money to strengthen it, which is a bit rotten. However, starting from 2022, WE, who has always been reluctant to spend money, has been uncharacteristically and started to strengthen during the transfer period. No, WE achieved a certain success as soon as it shot. No, after WE introduced a number of members of the second estarpro team, the overall strength took off immediately, and even the season of reinforcement almost rushed into the semi-finals of the playoffs (finally the semi-finals of the playoffs).

However, after winning the top six in the playoffs, WE began to fall at the speed of light. Originally, everyone thought that WE’s winning the top six in the playoffs was just the beginning, but they never thought it would end early. Today’s WE has entered the ranks of teams that do not belong to the playoffs. So why did WE fall so fast? The reason is very simple. After WE got good results, they did not pursue the victory and continue to strengthen the team’s shortcomings. In the previous WE, their team didn’t even have a decent coaching staff. It was almost Xiaoxin who was struggling to support it, and Qianshi wanted to be both a player and a coaching assistant.

After thinking about it, WE took action not long after the Challenger Cup ended, and they introduced a number of coaches in one go. And the joining of these coaches has also made WE’s strength significantly enhanced. Do you think WE is over? wrong! Perhaps WE is now determined to improve the results of the king’s side, or perhaps the temptation of the World Championship bonus to WE is too great, and they have new moves. This time the focus is on. WE’s new starting lineup was unveiled in the Glory Cup, which is likely to be their starting lineup for the World Championship qualifiers.

It is worth mentioning that WE made a bold decision this time, that is, to replace the “15 million” assistant in their team, and also to replace the confrontation road. At this time, there must be some friends who will ask, when did WE have such expensive auxiliary players, why don’t I know? If you don’t sell it, this assistant is 556. There is a reason for saying that 556 is a “worth 15 million” assistant. In the season when WE uncharacteristically focused on strengthening, they listed 556, and the listing amount was 15 million. This news shocked many people at the time. 556 has thus become a “worth 15 million” assistant. In fact, WE was just hanging around at the time. They didn’t plan to sell 556, and such an expensive 556 would definitely not be sold.

WE even replaced 556. It can be seen that they are boldly asking for a change this time. Because WE has always built a team around 556, after replacing 556, it means changing the style of play. Friends, are you optimistic about such a WE who is willing to Huaqiang and dares to change? Do you think the WE World Championship can successfully qualify? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your opinion! See you in the comments section!