WBG’s new coach has started to operate, and the new jungler has joined the team. Whoever can’t play well will be rotated directly

The popularity of the e-sports circle is very high recently, and I believe everyone has been paying attention to it. In addition to many people discussing the MSI World Championship recently, the change of the transfer period is also the focus of everyone’s discussion. For example, the WBG team is everyone’s hot topic. The topic of discussion, judging from their lineup, can really be said to be a super galaxy battleship, and it stands to reason that they can get good results.

But they lost in the first game of the playoffs in the Spring Split, and they failed to enter the World Championship in the end. It is a pity that many people blamed this problem on the coach. Houye’s BP is indeed very bad. So one of the adjustments WBG made after the Spring Split was to let Hou Ye leave.

After Hou Ye left, many people expected what kind of coach is suitable for WBG? After searching for a long time, they aimed at kkoma and offered the highest salary in the league, but he was rejected by him in the end. Finally, they searched and searched, and finally got a new coach, he is Daeny.

After seeing this coach, some people are happy and some are disappointed. The happy thing is that this coach has coached many top teams and once coached T1, but what is disappointing is that Daeny’s coaching style may not be effective in WBG, because he especially likes to use Change the system randomly, and whoever plays badly will sit on the bench.

Even faker was put on the bench by him for a long time before, so after he came to WBG, many people worried that Theshy would not be able to play. For Theshy’s style of daring to kill and dare to die, it is easy to be rotated. But just when everyone was worried about theshy, something happened to Casa.

This time WBG’s new coach Daeny started to operate. He recently announced that the new jungler WeiWei has joined the team. In this way, whoever can’t play well in the jungle position will be rotated directly. Many people worry that Kasa will be put directly on the bench. The players may I can bear it, maybe the fans will not be able to bear it, and the rhythm will definitely be very strong by then.

And everyone has also seen that after the start of the summer split, WBG will face very strong players in the first 4 games. If the starters do not play well, the bench may be beckoning to them, but it can also be seen from this that the new coach Daeny How is the strength? Whether you have the real ability depends on the performance of the summer split. Do you have any complaints about this?