WBG has deep pockets? Former V5 coach reveals five highest paid players at positions

Although the 2022 Global Finals is not over yet, the recent news about the transfer period can be said to be quite noisy. Among them, what attracts the most attention of LPL fans is the salary issue of LPL players. Just recently, the former coach of V5 analyzed the salary of LPL players. At the same time, he also revealed the five highest-paid players in the current LPL.

First of all, the former coach of V5 said that the club with the most investment in the 2022 season is BLG, and the most successful club is JDG. The former BLG built the “Galaxy Battleship” at the beginning of this season, and even signed Uzi, the most influential player in the LPL. But unfortunately, BLG’s “Galaxy Battleship” did not achieve any good results, and the reluctant playoff threshold also means that such investment has not achieved results; and the latter JDG spent the least in the top six. money (into the top six teams) and got the best result in the LPL this season. Therefore, JDG can be regarded as the most successful club in operation this season.

Subsequently, the former coach of V5 also analyzed the overall income of the players. In addition to the club’s salary, players also include live broadcast income and business income. Judging from the top-earning players in the five LPL positions this season, the five players are TheShy in the top lane, SofM in the jungle position, Doinb in the middle position, JackeyLove in the ADC position, and Liu Qingsong in the support position. Judging from the situation of these five position players, TheShy and SofM are both WBG players. It is not difficult to see that WBG is really rich and powerful. After all, aside from SofM, TheShy is the top player in the LPL in terms of personal ability and popularity. Signing TheShy also means bringing huge popularity to the club. In this regard, WBG is not at a loss.

The other three players were all core players in their respective teams this season. Doinb in the middle, the former world champion mid laner, with his own system is undoubtedly the core player in the team; JackyLove in the ADC position, similar to TheShy, not only has top personal ability in the ADC position, but also has With a lot of popularity, it is reasonable that JackeyLove can get the highest salary; Liu Qingsong in the auxiliary position is indeed the real core player of the BLG team when Uzi is unable to play. In addition, BLG is also a club with deep pockets. , it is not surprising that Liu Qingsong can get the highest income in the auxiliary position.

Finally, my friends, how do you evaluate the fact that these five players have the highest income in their respective positions?