Watermelon girl fell in love with AJ at first sight, Zhang Jiawen revealed her true feelings, and called Xinyuan’s name on the spot

On October 28th, “72 Hours of Heart”, which was very much anticipated by netizens, was officially launched. As a love variety show, as early as the first season, it invited several popular Internet celebrity anchors to participate together, and it is coming in the second season. After that, a new male guest AJ joined it, and all the female guests in the new season were newcomers, including a “heavyweight female guest”.

New scenes and new guests, I believe the new season of “72 Hours of Heart” will be very exciting. On the 28th, the new season of Lian Zong was officially opened, and many guest anchors had come to Xiamen early.

During the meeting of the guests, Zisheng, Zhang Jiawen and others had already come to the variety show early, and with the arrival of the last female guest, Sister Watermelon, the new season of “72 Hours of Heart” was officially opened, and after Sister Watermelon came to the scene , she “fell in love” with the male anchor AJ at a glance. As the founder of “Jiangoutam Media”, AJ is indeed very proficient in the way of flirting with girls. Perhaps because of this, the first piece of watermelon sister came to the scene. The thing is to get in touch with AJ, and even hug AJ later, and ride side by side with him in the same car.

Seeing this scene, Bury in the car was obviously a little unhappy, so he said that he would always pay attention to AJ and Sister Xigua. On the night of the show, AJ, Zhang Jiawen, Sister Watermelon, and Bury got together again to interact in reality.

Maybe it was because he drank too much and was a little drunk, so that Zhang Jiawen hugged Sister Watermelon when he came up, and his face was abnormally red. It was obvious that the good brother was a little shy.

Afterwards, Zhang Jiawen broke away from Sister Watermelon again. After touching her face a few times, she reluctantly left, and turned her head to “in the arms of AJ”. Said that Zhang Jiawen should not hug AJ because he hurt him. But even so, Zhang Jiawen still didn’t stop hugging people, he hugged people as soon as he saw them.

After hugging, Zhang Jiawen once again revealed his true feelings, calling the name “Xinyuan” all the time, and said that he gave his ex-girlfriend Xinyuan a breakup fee of 10,000 yuan. Hearing AJ bluntly said: “There are only true words after drinking, and the live broadcast effect will be directly pulled. Full”. After gradually calming down, who would have thought that Zhang Jiawen had evolved again. He didn’t hold back against kissing. He kissed Sister Watermelon, Bury and others, and even got a kiss from Bury. A proper “kiss of friendship”, it can be said that Zhang Jiawen is absolutely The biggest winner of this game!

After so many meetings with female anchors, offline interactions, and last season’s “72 Hours of Heartbeat”, it can be seen that the good brothers are now slowly becoming less shy and shy, looking forward to the follow-up “72 Hours of Heartbeat” period, ok Brother Zhang Jiawen can bring more surprises to the audience.