Water Milk List|Worth to cry! Using n sets to sum up these 5 models, the big brands are also cost-effective!

Yesterday, the best cleaning list was announced for everyone. Are the saccharins ready to “chop their hands”?

In the past, everyone always felt that the ingredients of water and milk were single and the effect was mediocre, but in fact, with the upgrade of the formula, as long as the active ingredients are matched and the ingredients are appropriate, the water and milk can also achieve high efficacy!

With the coming of autumn and winter, who doesn’t want to use water and milk to improve our skin care experience? Let’s take a look at the selection of the best water and milk list today!

Reason for award 

The famous Avène spray, the formula is extremely streamlined. Made with natural Avène thermal spring water, the treatment of thermal water has been mentioned as early as the Roman Empire.

The hot spring water is rich in minerals and has many benefits for the skin; according to the literature, the hydrotherapy of Avène hot spring water can effectively assist chronic inflammatory skin diseases; at the same time, there is a rare strain of Avène hot spring water, and its extract has a broad-spectrum repair effect. .

It is no wonder that the soothing and repairing effect can be achieved by relying on the active substance of hot spring water, and the reputation is still very good.

Reason for award 

A brand owned by Japan’s Kose Group, it has excellent moisturizing and brightening effects and comfortable moisturizing .

The functional actives are full of plant extracts. The group’s commonly used Chuangu seed water (Barley seed) ranks high and has a good moisturizing effect; VC derivatives, Japanese Chuanxiong root, Dongfanggui root and other plant extracts support the antioxidant dimension; ginseng Root, Rehmannia root, Glycyrrhiza glabra and other plant extracts improve skin dullness ; at the same time, the collection of fermented filtrate not only improves moisturizing effect but also increases skin transparency .

Suitable for all skin types, with a small amount of alcohol added to the formula.

Reason for award 

Shiseido’s special product, the moisturizing overall formula has more complete moisturizing and sealing performance .

The core ingredient is 4-MSK (potassium methoxysalicylate), which can compete with tyrosine and has the properties of salicylic acid to enhance keratin metabolism; a variety of plant extracts (VP-8), tea Extract, olive leaf extract, etc. soothe and antioxidant, improve rough and dull skin, brighten and whiten.

The product is suitable for oily and mixed skin ; it is formulated with salicylic acid derivatives and ethanol. It is not recommended for pregnant women

Reason for award 

Kao’s high-end skin care brand, the Chinese name is Aise, many of the brand’s products have been listed in the COSME Awards, reflecting the smooth and silent skin feel .

The formula adds high content of Ectoin, which is the famous tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid, which has multi-dimensional effects of moisturizing, repairing and light protection; superimposed with tuberose polysaccharide and various plant extracts for antioxidant and soothing; the overall formula has good moisturizing effect Repairing effect, especially suitable for skin with fragile barrier.

Reason for award 

Muscle-active brown rice water, with a simplified formula structure, has the feeling of “fairy water” . Bloomage’s self-developed yeast/rice fermentation product filtrate can effectively control oil and moisturizing, and improve cell vitality;

Combined with bifid yeast + trehalose + oat beta-glucan, prebiotic formula; at the same time superimposed with multi-functional ectoine, Huaxi technology’s super hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, several kings bless to anti-aging and maintain stability Repair and regulate skin flora.

The product is very universal and can be used by all kinds of skin, especially suitable for oily skin, oil sensitive skin, and the price is close to the people.

Reason for award 

Sheung Shui He Muscle Barrier Repair Essence mainly uses jojoba seed oil, shea butter and other esters to improve the sebum barrier; adds acetyl phytosphingosine, multiple ceramides, phytosterols and other ingredients to supplement the intercellular Lipids, strengthen the “brick wall structure”;

Active ingredients such as rhamnose, glycerol glucoside, and tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid can improve the skin’s own water retention capacity and promote epidermal repair; panthenol, borage seed oil, bisabolol, purslane extract, Dihydroavenanthenicol D, ginger root extract, etc., help skin relieve discomfort ;

Interspersed with Pseudomonas fermented product extract and inulin lauryl carbamate as a prebiotic to optimize the microbial barrier .

As a repair product, the active ingredients are rich and matrixed, and they take care of repair demands at different levels.

Lightweight lotion texture, comfortable to apply and affordable.

Reason for award 

After being acquired by LG Group, the frequency of Faisijia in the public eye has increased.

Soothing, red, and soothing lotion with reduced ingredients, light caprylic/capric triglycerides combined with shea butter and squalane to provide the skin with proper fat and seal; NP, repairs the skin barrier, and cooperates with sarcosine to reduce skin discomfort and redness.

The formula is simple, but it is not simple to improve the effect of soothing and reddening. Light lotion texture, smooth to apply, after absorption, there is a certain sense of moisturizing protection.

Reason for award 

La Roche-Posay B5 multi-effect repair milk is mainly 5% vitamin B5, combined with centella asiatica leaf extract, madecassoside, soothes skin sensitivity and reduces stress response; jojoba esters, sunflower seed oil and other ester ingredients supplement sebum .

The innovative configuration is that two groups of actives related to skin microecology are added, Ecoskin consisting of alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, chrysanthemum root juice, maltodextrin and lactobacillus helps strengthen the skin’s microbial barrier , at the same time smooth and delicate skin; with the soul component of Vibrio vitreous fermented product, to further fight against the “opportunistic bacteria” in the facial microecology .

Supplemented with adenosine, zinc gluconate and other ingredients to comprehensively improve skin condition .

Lightweight cream texture, moisturizing and non-greasy, absorbs quickly without dragging .

Reason for award 

Dr. Aier’s fermented essence and muscle law Fu Yan milk mainly focuses on Freda’s patented technology of double-bacteria fermentation of brown algae, and obtains key active ingredients such as alginic acid, fucose and amino acids to repair damaged skin;

Combined with lactic acid bacteria fermentation products, Bacillus fermentation products and lactobacillus/soybean milk fermentation product filtrate, combined with prebiotic inulin and α-glucan oligosaccharides, it can further strengthen the skin microecology and accelerate skin renewal;

The combination of multiple peptides can achieve anti-oxidation, protect collagen and reduce skin damage; dimethylsilanol hyaluronate silanized hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, together with carnosine, reduce photoaging damage .

Refreshing lotion texture, moist but not greasy, moisturizing for a long time.

Reason for award 

L’Oreal Zhenyao crystal clear skin brightening lotion contains L’Oreal’s patented octanoyl salicylic acid, which gently accelerates the metabolism of keratin , niacinamide and yeast extract gently brighten the skin , tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid is ectoine Synergistically rich in moisturizing ingredients to moisturise delicate skin .

The texture is light and soft, and has a good feeling of use.

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