Watching the Lakers game, omitting 10,000 swear words, James is already powerless

  In the year Kobe retired, I asked a die-hard Comey friend who had known him for many years, had he watched the Lakers recently? He said to me, “As a Kobe fan, I turned on the stream. As a fan, I turned it off after three minutes.”

  Six years later, a familiar scene came to mind. If I ask Jamie for many years, the answer is probably the same: As a James fan, I go to the Lakers games. As a fan, 10,000 swear words are omitted here.

  Before the Lakers game against the Suns. Davis was interviewed by reporters. When asked if his groin injury last year was the main reason for the Lakers’ loss to the Suns. Davis said: “Yes. We know that, and so do they. They got away with it.”

  With Davis, the Lakers do lead the Suns 2-1. But since James backed Crowder and Drummond mocked James on the bench, the Lakers have never won against the Suns. In the fifth and sixth games of the first round of the playoffs last year, the Lakers lost to the Suns by 36 points and 29 points respectively. In the first two meetings of the season, the Lakers lost by 32 and 22 points, respectively.

  It took only 12 minutes for the Suns to let Davis understand a bleak reality: Although it was only a year later, the Suns could have abused the Lakers without Chris Paul. In the first quarter of the game, the Suns scored 48-22, so the fans could only play with their mobile phones in the next three quarters.

  Booker said after the game in response to Davis’ pregame speech: “There are too many ‘what ifs’ in the game of basketball. Throughout history, every team has some changes every season. It’s kind of funny that he chose to make such a statement rather than choose to move on with a high profile.”

  Why don’t the Lakers want to move forward with a high profile? But their actual action is to step backward and jump off the building. After facing the Suns and facing the Raptors, the Lakers made only 3 of 25 shots and 0 of 13 three-pointers in the first quarter, scoring 12 points and allowing the Raptors to score 33 points.

  After an unexpected rout, Anthony said, “If we don’t count the first quarter, we’ll win.” Uh, why do basketball games have a first quarter? Or should we call the Lakers a three-quarter championship?

  Against the Timberwolves, a possible playoff opponent today, the Lakers finally made progress. It wasn’t until the second quarter that the Timberwolves pulled the score and shortened the garbage time by 5 minutes. In three straight games, the Lakers have trailed by 25 points, the first time in James’ 19-year career. After this loss, the Lakers have a record of 29 wins and 40 losses, with 11 games below the 50% winning rate. Statistics show that the last time James’ team was below 50% for 11 games was back in his rookie season. In the 2003-04 season, the Cavaliers finally got 35 wins and 47 losses in the regular season.

  After the All-Star break, the Lakers are 2-9. In the two games he won, James scored 50+. This is a team that James is also powerless to recover.

  Watching the Lakers game now is like a group of middle-aged uncles between the ages of 4 and 50 traveling back to when they were 17 years old. At a grand campus party, the young people were high-spirited, talkative, and dressed in fashionable clothes. Chatting with each other about the latest music and sharing the most popular games, the uncles are at a loss at the party, and they don’t know how to integrate into them. Sugar-free, chatting with each other about when their 4.11 million mortgage will be repaid.

  Yes, James’s motivation to play now is almost only his 411 plan (40,000 points + 10,000 rebounds + 10,000 assists). Although he can still hand over gorgeous data of 29.5 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game, everyone knows that he has not been able to play the due dominance that this data should show. how to say? It’s like an adult love action movie that is more than an hour long. Most people watch it fast-forward, and few people can watch it without pulling the progress bar. The same is true of watching James’ games, you can only fast-forward to see, otherwise you simply can’t accept one thing: Why is the Lakers 2-30 points behind, and the 37-year-old James is still on the court? is this necessary?

  Perhaps too much attention to data, James on the court has gradually lost the respect of the younger generation of players. Against the Raptors, he saved the ball from the sidelines and slammed the ball unnecessarily into Barnes. Everyone knows that James was depressed at the time, and smashing people with the ball was a complete emotional vent. “I was laying there and I saw him throwing the ball and I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ So I just covered my head so he wouldn’t hit me in the face, because he was so bad,” Barnes said after the game. Pushing hard…I thought to myself: ‘Shit.'”

  Elbow Stewart early in the season and got into an argument with the Grizzlies’ Jaren Jackson Jr. These players who are different generations from James have respected James so much, but James has lost his master mentality as a superstar of the league’s president mountain level in the continuous loss.

  Why bother? This is the case, why not stay decent? After all, no one will watch the Lakers games now. The reporters were all about the Lakers off the court. As for how the ball was played, you could guess at a glance at the score. The season of the Los Angeles Lakers is doomed to fail. I just hope that James can still face all this strong. (30 points)

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