warm! Packed-in apartments are split

Text and pictures | Liu Chenglong, Wang Mingqiang, Zheng Wei, Weng Chaoqun, Chen Weinan

Not long ago, a shore service department of the navy in the Eastern Theater Command

Organizing the “Room Separation Ceremony”

Soldiers holding house keys

happy smiles on their faces

Joyfully moving into a long-awaited new home

They all praised the warm-hearted measures of the troops——

The Ministry’s party committee “a group of people”

Concerned about the practical difficulties and needs of officers and soldiers

Adhering to the general idea of ​​opening up the last mile of logistics support

Whole facility new builds and refurbishments of condominiums

24 new apartments completed in 10 months

The house is fully furnished and delivered

direct natural gas

Downstairs is also equipped with smart charging piles

After being assigned to a new house

The sisters-in-law are all smiles

The officers and soldiers also said that their hearts are very warm

“Happiness Index” Soars

In fact, this is just the heart-warming project of the Ministry

A microcosm of hard work for officers and soldiers

In recent years, they have solved the worries of officers and soldiers

Also added children’s play facilities in the family area

Provides better conditions for military children to grow up happily

‘Backyard’ connects to ‘Frontline’

Actively solve problems for officers and soldiers and their families

It’s to help with training

Such an approach is commendable