Warcraft WLK: Forging the newly added enchantment, it belongs to the BIS level, and the sale price of AH is only 30 gold

The professional skills of the WLK version of World of Warcraft have been qualitatively improved. Each professional skill has corresponding special enchantments. The reasonable use of professional skill enchantments can greatly improve the strength of each profession. For example, engineering majors can enchant shoes and cloaks, which can not only increase a certain amount of damage, but also have high practicability, making the enchanted players stronger. Recently, a new professional skill enchantment has entered the player’s field of vision, and it has also become the most popular professional enchantment, and it is a bundled item. It is sold in AH, and the price is very cheap. Now it only costs more than 26 gold.

Seeing this, some players should have guessed what the item is. The “Eternal Belt Buckle” made by forging professionals is also a kind of professional enchantment. The effect after use is very powerful, and a gem slot is permanently added to the belt equipment. You should know that two pieces of equipment with the same attributes, if one of them has one more socket, the price of the piece of equipment with sockets will be doubled, while the price of equipment without sockets will be lower. This is a The difference between gem sockets, so don’t underestimate adding a gem socket to the equipment, this enchantment is actually very good.

Xiangzi’s main game is milk riding, let’s take milk riding’s BIS belt for comparison. The BIS belt of the P1 stage of milk riding is a sacred and elegant belt dropped by the God of War Patchwick. All aspects of the belt are very good. Look at the picture below. The only bad comment is that there is no gem slot. Maybe Blizzard thinks that the attributes of the sacred and elegant belt are too good, so they did not punch holes in the sacred and elegant belt. In fact, most BIS belts do not have gem slots, such as the French BIS belt, the arrogant magic belt, the hunter’s fallen chain belt and the thief’s belt. Eye Stem Leather Belt, none of these items have gem sockets.

Now the forging profession has the “eternal belt buckle”, which can add an extra gem slot to the belt, and can install an extra gem in the equipment, which is a real improvement for the profession. Really, the “Eternal Belt Buckle” is definitely worth having, and it depends on it to maximize stats and damage.

The materials required to make “Eternal Belt Buckle” are 4 Saronite Bars, 1 Eternal Earth, 1 Eternal Water and 1 Eternal Shadow, these are very common and common materials, the price is about 40- 60 gold or so. Brother Xiangzi’s warrior number is a forging major. After opening level 80, he has not practiced forging professional, so Xiangzi brother plans to go to AH to check the price. If the price is not expensive, buy it directly from AH, which is more convenient.

When Brother Xiangzi opened AH to check the price of the “Eternal Belt Buckle”, he was surprised. The price was so cheap. Brother Xiangzi estimated that the cost of the “Eternal Belt Buckle” was more than 40 gold, but the finished product in AH was only 26 Gold 75 silver, does it mean that the price of materials has become cheaper these two days? Without any hesitation, Brother Xiangzi bought a few directly. Although the BIS equipment has not been obtained yet, he will prepare it while the price is cheap.

The “eternal belt buckle” is an item that the whole people just need. It is unknown whether the price will increase in the future. After all, no one can predict the increase in the price of materials. If you have already got the graduation belt of your profession, then buy an “Eternal Belt Buckle”, punch a hole in your BIS belt, and insert a very powerful gem, so that the strength of your profession will be significantly improved.