Warcraft 3: The Tianxiu Cup match that makes people tearful when rereading the old pages, the European Emperor vs. Feifei

​In the just-concluded Tianxiu Cup, the match between Ouhuang Happy and Beastmaster Fly was not unexpected, but during the competition, some of Fly’s choices really made people feel like they were rereading and rereading. Many old beasts The clan players even felt a little tearful. This time, let’s put aside the specific situation and results of the game, and simply take a look at some of Fly’s retro choices during the game.

starting juggernaut

Under the influence of a series of version changes such as the weakening of the Juggernaut and the enhancement of the headhunter, prophets and headhunters in the daily game have become the regular choices of the orcs. In this case, the appearance rate of Juggernaut, the faith-level hero in the hearts of countless old players, has dropped a lot. As far as the current version is concerned, except for a few special maps, basically no players will choose the hero Juggernaut to start. Compared with the original version of Orcs where Juggernaut was the first game, this time Fly started to start Juggernaut in the first game, which really made people cry.

Direct harassment by selling TP

Old players are no strangers to the “escort” players who went straight to the opponent’s house after the Juggernaut walked out of the altar, sold TP and brought supplies. Unfortunately, with the changes in the version, the combat power of Juggernaut has been greatly weakened in the early stage, and the price of items has been adjusted. There are many orc players who are still using this operation. Even if there are occasional orc players who choose to play the starting Juggernaut, they will basically not choose to directly sell TP to harass their opponents.

Unlimited companionship, no leveling

Before the second hero comes out, giving up leveling is to accompany the opponent, grab treasure and experience while harvesting the opponent’s residual blood units. This kind of operation is easy to see in past versions, and Juggernaut and Death Knight are the heroes who make the best use of this operation. Today, with the exception of some non-mainstream players, most players have given up this option. In this game, Fly gave up the regular gameplay, basically did not level up until the second hero Xiao Crook came out, and kept the Juggernaut accompanying Happy’s death knight, affecting his leveling, which naturally made people cry.

nostalgic hero combination

After the Prophet became the regular starting hero of the Orcs, the hero system of the Orcs has also undergone great changes. The traditional three-hero combination of Juggernaut, Xiaowei and Lao Niu has rarely appeared on the field. And this time, on the basis of the first Juggernaut, Fly also chose two heroes, Xiao Wai and Lao Niu, on the second and third heroes, forming an extremely retro three-hero combination, which is reasonable to miss.