Warcraft 3: An army of undead skeletons that can enjoy the blessing of offensive and defensive technology, analysis of actual combat effects

Unlike common summoned units such as Water Elemental, Ghost Wolf, and Little Treant, which cannot enjoy the bonus of offensive and defensive technology, the commonly used summoning units of the undead, the Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Mage, although their attributes are not high, can enjoy the blessing of offensive and defensive technology. Of course, with the blessing of offensive and defensive technology, it will not affect the damage caused by dispelling magic skills. So, this time, let’s take a good look at it together. You can enjoy the setting of offensive and defensive blessings, what benefits it brings to the undead skeleton army, and what role they can play in actual combat.

attribute data

Skeleton Warrior: The most commonly used summoning unit of the undead tribe. The psychic wand (skull stick) sold in the store and the small skeletons summoned by the psychic’s resurrection of the dead are all skeleton warriors. Initially, the Skeleton Warrior has 14 to 15 normal attack damage, 180 health, and 1 heavy armor.

Skeleton Mage: There are many summoned units with piercing output capability in the skeleton sea tactics. After the psychic has the skeleton mastery skill, one of the two summoned skeleton warriors will be transformed into a skeleton mage. Although the name is Mage, the attack output is not a magic attack but a piercing attack. Initially, the Skeleton Mage has 11 to 12 piercing attack, 240 health and 0 medium armor.

Offensive and defensive technology

Although the Skeleton Mage is a long-range piercing unit, because it is transformed from the Skeleton Warrior, in the game, like the Skeleton Warrior, it shares the offensive and defensive technology bonuses with the ghouls and abominations of the undead tribe. After the 3 attack and 3 defense research is completed, the skeleton warrior has 17 to 21 points of normal attack power and 7 points of heavy armor; the skeleton mage has 14 to 18 points of piercing attack power and 6 points of medium armor.

Actual role

Assist in leveling: While there are generally fewer combat units in the early stage, the price of undead units is relatively high. For 150 gold, you can use it 4 times. The psychic wand that summons a total of 8 skeleton warriors is very cost-effective. There are naturally many players who will use this item to summon skeleton warriors to assist heroes in leveling up.

Acting as the front row: Although the survivability of the skeleton warrior is not high, because the price is cheap, at the same time, 240 health points and 1 point of heavy armor are set, pay attention to bear some front row damage, use this unit in the early and mid-level leveling and The price/performance ratio of being the front row in small team battles is naturally not bad.

Scouting: Using extremely cheap skeleton warriors for scouting is naturally a good choice. In the case of not rushing to investigate, using the residual blood skeleton warriors left from leveling to investigate can maximize the effect of actual combat.

Harassment suppression: The frontal combat capability of the skeleton warriors in the early stage is indeed a bit low. It can be used to harass the opponent’s base, and it is also very good to suppress the farmers.

Provide supplies: In the mid-to-late stage when the opponent has enough dispelling ability, the space for skeleton warriors and skeleton mages to play will be greatly reduced, which is also the key reason why it is difficult for the skeleton sea tactics to play their due role. However, since the death knight has the natural disaster contract skill that can devour its own undead units to restore blood volume; the lich also has a dark ritual skill that devours its own undead units and restores the blue volume, so it is also possible to devour small skeletons for these two heroes as a supply. It becomes their main role in the middle and late game.

Comprehensive review

In general, you can enjoy the setting of offensive and defensive technology bonuses, which has indeed greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the undead skeleton army. However, because the HP of these units is generally not high, and they will be set by the restraint of the dispelling units, the actual play space in the game is still limited. In addition to occasional entertainment, most of the time, all you can use are the small skeletons summoned by the psychic wand. It is important to note that although the Dark Slaves summoned by the Dark Ranger through the Black Eclipse Arrow seem to be small skeletons, they cannot enjoy the attack and defense bonuses brought by the Undead Technology level.