Want to get a high score? Don’t miss these little details of the professional players of “Eternal Calamity”, hurry up!

At present, the single row of the second season of the NBPL season 2 resurrection match of “Eternal Calamity” has come to an end, and the total points ranking has also been freshly released! Xiaoxinshen got a high score of 48.5, ranking first. The second is Wang Liang, and the third is Holly, with scores of 45.1 and 35.5 respectively.

On the field, these professional players also brought us one highlight after another, which made people feel very addicted. Let’s talk about Xiaoxinshen first, the sixth game can be said to be a desperate situation, and every detail is worth watching again and again~ In the final circle, only Xiaoxinshen, Dongqing, VENTUS, and Reccy are left. Xiaoxinshen is a Bing Xinjue to himself Temporarily wrapped in ice, he recovered a certain amount of armor in time, and the state was directly full, with a sense of sight that killed the Quartet.

The atmosphere has been rendered to such an extent that it is impossible to tell without doing it! As a result, the three started a tug-of-war. Xiaoxin Shen took advantage of Dongqing’s fight with VENTUS and Reccy, looking for an opportunity to attack VENTUS and Reccy. Life.

At this time, the little new god pointed the finger at the holly with residual blood. It was still a set of coherent operations. The hook and the slash directly took away the holly. The operation was like flowing water, it was really beautiful!

Finally, the 1v1 confrontation between Xiaoxinshen and Reccy! I thought that Xiaoxin Shen had a golden armor and could easily solve Reccy, but the real fight was a bit hanging. Reccy attacked Xiaoxinshen, directly hitting Xiaoxinshen to the residual blood. Under such circumstances, Xiaoxinshen and Reccy opened up the battle distance. In the end, Xiaoxinshen relied on the long-range weapon, the five-eyed gun, to hit a hit and take the opponent directly!

On Day 1, it is not only Xiaoxinshen who resurrects Sesilk blood limit operation, but also the superstars we are familiar with! In the fifth round, he took out incendiary artillery in the multi-person melee, attacked from the edge, and then found the opportunity, and successfully won the match!

The third round of plum blossom piles is also exceptionally exciting, the scene is very spectacular, the screen is full of fire, and it is extremely dazzling!

In the finals, whoever has the most advantage, it must be Amu, the golden armor and bodyguard. I thought that this match was chosen by him, but unexpectedly… The plum blossom pile is constantly shrinking, and everyone is caught in a melee, ASE .JIN’s flamethrower was frantically scorching, and Holly stayed in the air decisively to avoid damage, and threw fireballs on the ground. The situation was very tense. ASE.JIN was eroded by the dark realm, and in the end, only Dongqing and Amu were left. Under the fiery competition, Dongqing was even better and successfully won the chosen person!

In addition to these famous scenes, there are many surprising operations in the event. Interested friends should pay attention to the official live broadcast rooms of major platforms. Watching the event, you can also unlock luxury benefits, event-limited avatars, wave treasure chests, and many more surprises and gifts!

Then, we will see you in the live broadcast room!