Want a car or a sky blue? This Lion Camel Ridge player really understands the fantasy west game

Yesterday, a eldest brother from Fantasy Westward Journey successfully bought the 175-level male Tianqing after some inspiring psychological struggles. He was not only able to buy this role, but also the main force of the popular gang battle – Shi Tuoling. Now, let me show you his equipment!


Equipment display

The helmet part is grade 140 invulnerable and inlaid with 14 forged red agate. Judging from the openings, this piece of equipment should have just been smelted.

The necklace part is not worn by a 140-level beast, which is also a standing stunt in the physics department. However, there is still a saying about the spiritual power of this necklace. The spiritual power of 11 pieces of relics is 255 points, which is only a little better than the national standard.

The belt part is level 150 and 11 stages without grinding. Although this piece of equipment has good properties, it is a bit awkward to put it on such a character due to the lack of anger special effects.

The shoe part is also relatively general. It is a 160-level 12-stage non-grinding shoe. This piece of equipment has relatively general properties.

The clothing part is quite good. It is a non-wearable transformation armor with an initial defense of 265 points and a single increase of 51 strength. In terms of the attributes of this equipment, it is no problem to use Shi Tuoling. That is, the gems of this equipment are only 11 forged, which is really unsatisfactory.

The boss’s weapon is a level 160 axe with initial damage of 652 and total damage of 954.3. This weapon belongs to the ranks of the top non-grinding artifacts in the entire server, and is extremely valuable.


Spiritual display

The front row of spiritual ornaments are 8 forging, five damage, and two violent spirit ornaments, which are mainly used to improve the output ability. The spiritual ornaments in the back row are 8 forging, three qi and blood, and three defensive spiritual ornaments, which are mainly used to improve resistance. It is worth mentioning that this set of spiritual ornaments are all inlaid with level 6 walking like flying, which can basically be determined to be a “ceiling” level task number.


Summoned beast display

The first summoned beast is the Kasu method to prevent the dragon turtle. The resistance is quite good, but it is not very useful.

The second summoned beast is a 7-skilled high-speed agile attack. Although this summoned beast is more common in gang battles, it is not as easy to use as a general high-damage pet.

The third summoned beast is an “attack-resistant” boy with 8 skills and high qualifications. This summoned beast is relatively common in current missions and belongs to the upper-middle level.


According to the boss himself, this character spent 60W. In addition to equipment, spiritual accessories, and summoned beasts, the proportion of brocade clothing and auspicious auspiciousness also reached about 50%. However, such characters are relatively popular in the current Tianyuan group’s high-end game market, so the boss should not easily lose money, so don’t worry!