Wang Zhelin’s scoring record in the 35+9 season single-handedly beats the tower group of Beijing Enterprises

  On October 29th, Beijing time, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team and the Beijing Enterprises Team fought fiercely for four quarters. In the end, the Shanghai Team, led by Wang Zhelin, defeated their opponents 105-98 and won their first winning streak this season. In this battle, Wang Zhelin’s performance was eye-catching, and one person resisted the impact of the high tower cluster of Beijing Enterprises.

  In the whole game, Wang Zhelin played 33.8 minutes, contributing 35 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals, setting a new high for him in a single game this season.

  The last time Wang Zhelin scored 30+ points in a game, it can be traced back to the game against his old club Fujian team on October 26, 2021, when Wang Zhelin scored 31 points. At the same time, 35 points is also Wang Zhelin’s new record in a single game since joining the Shanghai team.

  The Shanghai team played a wave in the third quarter today. Wang Zhelin made continuous attacks on the offensive end, which became the key to the team’s 16-point victory over Beijing Controls in a single quarter.

  More importantly, the North Control team launched a counterattack at the end of the quarter, and Wang Zhelin stepped forward at a critical moment, causing a three-point shooting foul on the opponent and securing the victory for the team. Today, Wang Zhelin made 12 free throws and showed his full dominance.

  (Shen Wei)

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