Wang Yibo’s street dance dresses are all out of season, and they are worn for the first time in the world twice in one night.

The fifth season of “This is Hip-hop”, which Wang Yibo participated in, finally ushered in the finals! As for the final winner of the finals, I believe everyone will know soon!

Obviously everyone enjoys the process more than the result! You must know that watching Wang Yibo’s performance on the stage is definitely an extreme enjoyment. Wang Yibo is extraordinarily professional in his control of the stage! On the stage of hip-hop this time, some fans watched it through a TV screen, while some fans were already in Macau and their hearts were in Macau, so they were directly there and watched Wang Yibo live!

As a domestic entertainment star, Wang Yibo is famous not only because of his dancing, but also as an idol, every time he dresses up on the stage is also very interesting!

When he first appeared, Wang Yibo wore Givenchy 2023 spring/summer menswear series over-season dress, with Anta casual sneakers, and Helen Keller H2212 sunglasses! Among them, Givenchy’s suit is the first in the world, and no other artist has worn it except him!

After the change, Wang Yibo wore the Chanel 2023 early spring vacation series small fragrance coat, and the sequined trousers belonged to Ferragamo’s 2023 spring and summer menswear series. He wore AMIRI casual shoes, and the rings and black and white pearl necklaces were all from Chanel. Accessories! Among them, Ferragamo’s pants are also worn for the first time in the world. Except for Wang Yibo, there is no other artist’s upper body!

On the stage of a hip-hop finals, although the competition has not yet started, the value of Wang Yibo’s clothes has been known to the public! It’s all over-season dresses, not to mention the season’s, not even one of the season’s, and it’s the first time in the world to wear the clothes of an over-season big name like Givenchy!

What is Wang Yibo’s fashion resources? I believe that anyone who knows a little about him knows that he is definitely the darling of the fashion industry!

As a “Chanel on Earth”, Wang Yibo’s cooperation with Chanel is definitely very deep. No matter what event Wang Yibo participates in, as long as there is more than one piece of clothing on stage, one of them must be from Chanel! A brooch worth more than four million US dollars is placed in the exhibition hall every day. Just because Wang Yibo was going to walk the red carpet, Chanel directly sent an interactive airlift to Wang Yibo’s side, which shows how much Chanel attaches importance to Wang Yibo!

In the fashion industry, it is not only Chanel who treats Wang Yibo so well. Wang Yibo’s face can fulfill the meaning of any product that an international big name wants to show to the world! Therefore, Wang Yibo can not only wear the over-season dresses of major brands directly when participating in the event, but also wear it for the first time in the world. In the future, he will bump into the shirts with other artists, which are also the clothes worn by Wang Yibo!

Putting aside Wang Yibo’s wonderful performances on stage, just talking about his two out-of-season dresses in the finals, paired with his noble temperament, Wang Yibo is enough to attract a large number of people! Audiences who know a little about fashion will know how much Wang Yibo is liked by the fashion industry the moment they see Wang Yibo!

Different brands, super season haute couture, the world’s first wear, regular Chanel, Givenchy, Wang Yibo in the finals has stabilized the audience’s attention purely by appearance! Then let us look forward to his wonderful performance on the stage and look forward to the final result!